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The Cart before the Horse

Hello Koala Lovers, Today is Chinese New Year and it is the Year of the Tiger. I was born in the year of the Tiger and I am hoping I can gather all the strengths of that magnificent animal to help our beautiful Koalas. For those of you in Australia, you will have seen...

Koala Tartan Raffle

The Koala tartan was designed to celebrate the beauty of the Australian native marsupial, a much loved Australian national icon. The tartan colours are intended to represent the Koala: dark and light grey for the majority of their coat colour with white speckles or...

Happy New Year 2022

Hello Koala Lovers, Thank goodness for 2022 and I am very excited to be back at work and it is time the Koala gained the recognition it deserves internationally because it could and should be a terrific voice for other species who have a problem being seen. I am truly...

Christmas Message

Hello Koala Lovers, The Koala Army can say it better than me - Merry Christmas and may 2022 bring us all great promise of better things to come. With gratitude, Deborah

Merry Christmas Recruits!

Merry Christmas recruits! We hope you have a great holiday and a Happy New Year! We'll see you all soon for an exciting 2022! Over and out 2021, Urban

Adopt Apollo

Apollo is a striking and strong young joey who's bound to be a heartthrob when he's all grown up. Currently content to hangout with the boys, spending time with his Koala buddies is a boisterous event that never disappoints. When he eventually decides to expand his...

Adopt Bobbi

Bobbi is a feisty and mischief-loving joey with a rambunctious nature and a perpetual Plan B. Admired for her energetic and vivacious attitude, she can appear like an innocent and well-behaved young lady, but once the Paradise Country keepers take their eyes off this...

Adopt Colt

Colt is a charming and endearing little sweetheart with a kind and gentle soul. Clearly gifted at enjoying the simple pleasures in life, he's often tucked away in the biggest bunch of gum leaves without a Koala care in the world. Colt's relaxed and seemingly lazy...

Adopt Jensen

Jensen is a handsome and daring young joey who loves to journey down from the elevated treetops. Keen to live life on the edge and experience things on a brand-new level, he often explores unfamiliar terrain without a worry in the world. Running for fun is Jensen's...

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