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Warialda Workshop


The Warialda Workshop took place on the 14th & 15th of 2023.

For updates on progress since then, please visit HERE.

The Australian Koala Foundation is excited to invite
to help Save the Koalas of the Gwydir Shire

About the Warialda Workshop

  • AKF is hosting a FREE two-day workshop in Warialda, NSW, which will identify what is needed to protect Koala habitats and ensure Koala numbers grow over the next 50 years.
  • At the workshop, we will demonstrate how a Human Plan of Management, rather than a Koala Plan of Management, with Koalas as a flagship can create sustainable communities despite environmental and human threats. We seek to embrace a new way of protecting and securing Koala habitats into the future – it’s what AKF does best.
  • An anticipated workshop outcome will be the establishment of a Koala Kiss ranger based in Warialda. Potential candidates who might like the position should come to hear and contribute. Everyone is welcome – community members, land holders, researchers, educators, activists, foresters and farmers. Anyone with an interest in protecting Koala habitat and solving the complexities of land-use issues and wanting to see Koalas in the Gwydir Shire landscape in 2075 and beyond is urged to attend.

Gwydir Shire chosen as the first Koala Kiss Project site

  • AKF has chosen the Gwydir Shire as the site of our first Koala Kiss Project because it contains abundant and potentially secure Koala habitat with the ability to have certain points of the landscape connected, creating the first ‘Koala Kiss Site’. This will be the first phase of the AKF’s vision to protect landscapes as well as linking fragmented Koala habitats – with the ultimate vision of creating the ‘Koala Kamino’ – about 2,543km of prime koala habitat from Cairns to Melbourne.
  • Gwydir Koalas will lead the way for other parts of the country to meet the Koala Kiss criteria for endorsement; that Koalas will be living there in 50 years.

See below for further details and a brief workshop agenda.


Field Trip

8am – 6pm

Participants will be taken on a tour to visit some of Gwydir Shire’s most picturesque landscapes – from the quaint village of Delungra to the stunning vistas of Cranky Rock Nature Reserve, then onto the Warialda Koala Wildlife Reserve and Koorilgur Nature Walk.


8am – 6pm

Q & A panel sessions: A new way of thinking about Koala conservation; independent from government; communities working together to achieve common goals around sustainability and biodiversity, and developing Human Plans of Management with a holistic approach to all landscapes.

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The workshop will explore these questions and more:

1. Why is the AKF calling for a Koala Protection Act

2. Who is the legal custodian of the Koala?

3. What knowledge and skills are needed to assist future Koala generations? 


4. Why would/wouldn’t you share Koala sightings?

5. What is the Koala Kiss Project?


6. Why has AKF chosen Gwydir Shire as the nation’s first Kiss Project? 


7. How many wild Koalas are there in the Gwydir Shire-New England, Inverell-Parkes electorate?

8. Where are the Gwydir Shire Koalas? What food trees do they like to eat?


9. What will a Human Plan of Management look like?


10. What is the AKF’s vision for the next 50 to 100 years?

Further Information

Warialda is a town in the North-West Slopes region of New South Wales, Australia, in Gwydir Shire. Situated on the banks of Warialda Creek, the town’s name means “Place of Wild Honey” in local Aboriginal language.

Warialda is a small town so accommodation may be needed in Inverell or Bingara.

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