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Save the Koala Month


Show your love for Australia’s Koalas in September! Save the Koala Day is the 29th. Create some Koala-inspired artwork, hold a trivia night, bake some Koala cupcakes or chill out like the Koalas do. In celebration we have the Koala Manifesto t-shirts available so our supporters can wear them with pride during the Save the Koala Month festivities. Enjoy September, spread love for the Koala and get excited for Save the Koala Month!

Show your love for Australia’s Koala in September!
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Last STKM the Australian Koala Foundation launched Save the Koala Month with a sweet Koala Lullaby by Australian composer and educator, Donna Dyson. Enjoy and share!



AKF fundraising guide

AKF Fundraising Guide

In light of the recent COVID-19 government restrictions the AKF is making it a priority that our supporters are equipped with the necessary toolkit to fundraise in a safe way.

Introducing AKF’s fundraising during COVID-19 Guide, to make it easy for our supporters to celebrate and take part in the annual Save the Koala Month festivities!

You can also order a donation box for your school or workplace. Create your own fundraiser; paint your nose black on Save the Koala Day. Have a Koala PJ Party! Whatever you get up to, be sure to share it with us on Facebook and Twitter to help inspire others to get active for #STKM.

donation box

Donation Box

Order a donation box for your school, workplace, or a local shop.

This little box can find a home on a shop counter, in your workplace lunchroom, at school events, at special events, or anywhere else you can think of.

The wild Koalas are so grateful for your help.

Note: Unfortunately we are unable to send donation boxes overseas





Fundraising Certificate Kit

Instead of buying another item that will eventually end up in landfill, think about donating to help save Koalas.

Tired of having to sell “stuff” to fundraise for the Koala? Get your friends to make a donation of either $5, $10, or $20 and they receive a beautiful thank you from AKF and the wild Koala.

These fundraising certificate kits come with:

30x ‘Bronze’ $5 Certificates
15x ‘Silver’ $10 Certificates
10x ‘Gold’ $20 Certificates

Order a certificate kit and send money raised to AKF along with any unused certificates.




Order Products

Download a consignment form to order products for fundraising.

– AKF Stickers

– No Tree No Me stickers

– Temporary tattoos

– Finger Puppets

– Certificate Kits

– Donation boxes



Fundraising guidelines

What can you do with the money you have raised?

You must send us any funds which you raise in our name.

Usually, money raised is simply sent to us, however, you now have the option to put that money towards any of our programs listed below:

Send your fundraising story to us by post or by email, and you can even include a photo or two! #savethekoala

How to send the money to us:

You can send the fundraising money to us by cheque (check), money order or credit card. If using a credit card, we have a secure online form that can be used.

If you are using your fundraising money to join our Adopt A Koala or Harrold’s Forest programs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with AKF about directing your donation.

Cheques (checks) and Money Orders are to be made out to ‘Australian Koala Foundation’ and posted to:

Australian Koala Foundation
GPO Box 2659 BRISBANE QLD 4001


Note: Please do not send cash through the post!


Thanks for helping the Koalas!

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