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Saving the Koala, or any animal or ecosystem begins with each individual person. Everyone, no matter how small, can do something to help. If each person did even one little thing, like encouraging their family to recycle or to save water or electricity, it would add up to a lot of help for the environment. And saving Koalas begins with simple actions like these. Did you know that there are over 7 BILLION people in the world? Imagine if they each decided to help the environment in even the tiniest way, that would be 7 billion little bits of help for the environment!

Here’s some ways that you can help save the Koala:

Support the Koala Protection Act

…by writing to a politician
Write a letter to a politician to tell them of your concerns about destruction of Koala habitat. Politicians represent the people and have the final say about issues affecting Koalas. Remember, governments, like the rest of us, are learning all the time. They must also be reminded about the Koala’s needs and be persuaded that these needs are important.
Politicians need to hear from the public. Add your voice! More information about specific Federal member’s responses to the Koala Protection Act can be found in the Act or Axe section of the website, along with their contact details.

…by joining the Koala Army

What does it mean to join the Koala Army?

Our Mission:
“To have the Australian Government enact a KOALA PROTECTION ACT”.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join us in making sure our government is serious about protecting our environment. Visit the enlist page to find out more, read the story of the Koala Army, and stay up to date on current campaigns and strategies by visiting the Battleplan and reading Urban’s Diary.


…by spreading the word about the Koala Army

  • You can order 20 free Koala Army bookmarks to distribute to friends, colleagues, put in local coffee shops or anywhere that will help spread the word about the Koala Army. Order Koala Army bookmarks here.
  • You can download free posters here.
  • You can share the Koala Army on facebook, twitter, blogs, or by email.

Support the Australian Koala Foundation

Koala in tree

Koala in tree

Koala in tree

Koala in tree

Koala in tree

Koala in tree

What you can do if you live in a Koala area

  • Plant Koala food trees. Don’t forget out find out which kinds of gum trees are the favourites of Koalas in your area. More information about Koala food trees.
  • When out driving, ask your parents and friends to be very careful not to hit wildlife crossing roads, especially at night. Remember, Koalas are most active at night.
  • Keep your dogs your cats inside at night, to protect all wildlife. More information about Koalas and dogs, and about how to keep your cat from harming wildlife.
  • If you have a swimming pool, place a sturdy rope into the pool attached to a tree or post at the edge, so that if Koalas fall into your pool, they are able to climb out safely.
  • Support community Koala groups in your area.
  • Spotted a Koala in your area? Add your sighting on Koalamap.

More information about living in a koala area.

Become more environmentally friendly

10 tips

And finally, here are ten tips on small everyday changes that you can make to live a more environmentally friendly life.10 Tips to a Greener Lifestyle

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