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Mr. Darcy's Diary

Alarming News

20 September 2021 –

Mum has alarming news about Koalas today! ~ Mr. Darcy The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) has today release alarming figures showing our nation’s most loved creature is in rapid decline. ...

Cute Hats!

11 June 2021 –

These hats are remarkably similar to our fabulous Koala hats! Over and Out, Mr Darcy  ...

MUM was on the Radio!

10 June 2021 –

MUM was just on the radio! Two programmes! Late Night Live with Phillip Adams and Between The Lines with Tom Switzer! She discussed all things Koala: their history and the current threats that are for...

Sometimes We Just Need A Cuddle

7 June 2021 –

Looks like this fella really needed a cuddle. What a lovely story! I love getting cuddles from my MUM who loves me so much. I have to be a good boy and be patient because she can't give me cuddles all...

Downward Facing Dog Anyone?

20 May 2021 –

Mum and I do this when she is not saving Koalas and writing the Koala Manifesto! Over and out. Mr Darcy...

The Lucky Dog Train!

11 May 2021 –

Wow, look at this and what a nice man. Thank goodness I will never be abandoned because my MUM loves me and all creatures great and small – have you read her book The Koala Manifesto? I haven’t, b...

A Christmas Message from Mr Darcy

21 December 2020 –

Look! A Koala in a Christmas tree! I wish this happened at our house! Merry Christmas from me and my animal brothers and sisters and Mum. Over and Out. Mr. Darcy...

New Koala Army Recruit!

21 October 2020 –

You are not going to believe this, but there is a HUGE, and I mean HUGE dog joining the KOALA ARMY! Well Tessa, is not HUGE yet, but she is going to be. And boy do we need a HUGE dog to get the ...

Family Picture

12 October 2020 –

Koala Army recruits lining up for their photo shoot – GOSH IT IS HARD TO TRAIN CATS!! Join the Koala Army. Over and Out, Mr. Darcy      ...

Amazing Dog

17 September 2020 –

SEE, how amazing dogs can be in helping to protect the Koalas. You just have to be like our family, we LEARNT how to behave right from beginning. Did you know it is Save the Koala Month?   ...


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