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Mr. Darcy's Diary

Surf’s Up

25 July 2022 –

“If I did not have such important work saving Koalas – Miss Bennett and I would love to learn to surf”. ~ Mr. Darcy [caption id="attachment_27086" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Click to...

Just Grooving…

30 June 2022 –

Just grooving... (click below to watch)                ...

Merry Christmas

23 December 2021 –


Go Urban!

11 November 2021 –

Go Urban! Time for this KOALA WAR to end.      ...

Alarming News

20 September 2021 –

Mum has alarming news about Koalas today! ~ Mr. Darcy The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) has today release alarming figures showing our nation’s most loved creature is in rapid decline. ...

Cute Hats!

11 June 2021 –

These hats are remarkably similar to our fabulous Koala hats! Over and Out, Mr Darcy  ...

MUM was on the Radio!

10 June 2021 –

MUM was just on the radio! Two programmes! Late Night Live with Phillip Adams and Between The Lines with Tom Switzer! She discussed all things Koala: their history and the current threats that are for...

Sometimes We Just Need A Cuddle

7 June 2021 –

Looks like this fella really needed a cuddle. What a lovely story! I love getting cuddles from my MUM who loves me so much. I have to be a good boy and be patient because she can't give me cuddles all...

Downward Facing Dog Anyone?

20 May 2021 –

Mum and I do this when she is not saving Koalas and writing the Koala Manifesto! Over and out. Mr Darcy...

The Lucky Dog Train!

11 May 2021 –

Wow, look at this and what a nice man. Thank goodness I will never be abandoned because my MUM loves me and all creatures great and small – have you read her book The Koala Manifesto? I haven’t, b...


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