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Sample Letter

(Copy this text and paste into a new email, and cc it to ) Draft Letter To Title Address line 1 Address line 2 Address line 3 Date Dear Minister Ley, I am writing on the recommendation of the Australian Koala Foundation to let you know I am...

Help Save Koalas

Saving the Koala, or any animal or ecosystem begins with each individual person. Everyone, no matter how small, can do something to help. If each person did even one little thing, like encouraging their family to recycle or to save water or electricity, it would add...

Koala Dictionary

Here are the meanings of some important words as they relate to koalas: ADAPTED: Changed or evolved to suit the conditions or environment. BACTERIA: Here are the meanings of some important words as they relate to koalas: ADAPTED: Changed or evolved to suit the...

Project Information

Download free koala images and diagrams for your project! Download our 12 Page Project Pamphlet (2mb) Everyone loves Australia’s cute, cuddly Koalas, but are they protected? Did you know that Koalas are in trouble? The Australian Koala Foundation estimates there are...

Koalas for Kids

Fascinating Facts Koala Dictionary Furry Photos Help Save Koalas Project Information Fun Stuff

Living with koalas – how can you help to protect them?

Ways to make your property more koala friendly VEGETATION Keep native vegetation on your block, and don’t destroy eucalypts and other native vegetation. As well as being homes for Koalas, they are food, shelter and nesting sites for many other native animals and...

The Koala – Endangered or Not?

FACT: Meaningful legislation is the only way to protect koalas.   There is currently no legislation, anywhere in the country, that can protect Koalas and Koala habitat in Australia. The listing of the Koala as “vulnerable” under the Environmental Protection and...

What to do if you find a sick, injured or dead koala

SUGGESTION: Print this out and place in your car glovebox in the event that you encounter a sick, injured or dead Koala while out driving. Also include the contact details of your local carer, vet or wildlife authority. The animal will have a better chance of survival...

Koalas and dogs – how to be a responsible pet owner

Tips for dog owners Check trees for Koalas before leaving dogs unattended in your yard If a Koala enters your yard, put your dog inside your house or garage until the Koala has left In addition to the danger of attack, Koalas are very easily stressed by dogs Don’t...

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