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Adopt Bobby

Bobby is a big boy with huge fluffy ears and a distinct white "milk moustache" on his face. He loves cuddling with his keepers and his girlfriend Milo. He is also a bit of a show off who enjoys swinging on the scales and wowing visitors.

A Moratorium on logging Koala forests

Hello Koala Lovers, Today, I have called for a moratorium on logging in primary habitats of Australia because I am confident that if this logging continues, some of the most precious Koalas living in reasonable habitats will be under immense risk for long term...

Bulldozers continue to work in our forests

Hello Koala Lovers, It is half-way through Save the Koala Month and our team are busy working on fun things  and we are also looking at the bigger picture as always. I was grateful for all your comments about the Threatened Species Commissioner’s letter and by and...

Sometimes you just need a hug

This is why I am perfect for saving Koalas, and I hear Clare from the Save the Koala Shop has a new baby – cannot wait to hug her. Mr. Darcy          

Water and Koalas are synonymous

Hello Koala Lovers, Save the Koala Month is here again and it is a time for all of us to really think through how much we love this beautiful creature and how we can all help it. It seems a long time ago, when in 1989 I said, "Let us have a Save the Koala Month.” Now...

Koala Trees

Recruits, Koala trees are home to many more animals than just Koalas, especially old growth trees that take years to form hollows. No tree, no me. Over and out, Urban              

Living his best life…

When I retire from saving koalas I might try this. Save the Koala Month is coming What are you going to do? Mr Darcy        

Koala Jigsaw Puzzle

This piece is an original art piece created by Natalie Jane Parker called "A true Aussie Greeting" - This stunning artwork portrays a juvenile koala sitting in a eucalyptus tree staring at a little blue male superb fairy wren. This puzzle is a koala within a koala. It...

Glass Candle Eucalyptus & Mint

Our beautiful new candles in the signature Koala Scent, Eucalyptus & Mint. A gorgeous engraved bamboo lid packaged inside a stunning white embossed gift box, perfect for your own home or as a gift! A fragrance of herbal eucalyptus leaves with a cooling blend of...

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