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Koalas Love Too

26 February 2024 –

Hello Koala Lovers,

Truly this is one of the saddest things I have seen in a while, but wonderful that us humans are starting to realise that Koalas love too.


One of the most fabulous things I learnt when I was first in my job when Brian Ray asked the Australian Koala Foundation to work with him on a Koala-friendly housing estate (Koala Beach) was that all the Koalas had personalities.

Arnie, 501 (named after his radio frequency), Lulu, Marie and Dennis were just a few. Each one of them behaved in a different way, just like we do. I do wonder whether we humans would think more often when we see “roadkill”, if instead of just seeing a dead animal see that creature as a family member.

As you know the key thing that I love too about the Koala Protection Act is that it removes the Permit to Take, which again you know means a Licence to Kill. It is absolutely time that we humans realise that we just cannot kill things anymore.

Why should any industry have the right to kill when they destroy landscapes for their projects?

Koala Beach proves that humans can live in harmony.

We are only about six weeks away from launching our signature project for the year and removing the right to kill anything will be one of the key messages.

I know you will join us in that clarion call.

Fondest regards,



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