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Due to volume, it is virtually impossible for the AKF team to keep up to date with all of our International and Australian media. Read Deborah’s Diary or visit our Media Release page. You will find some of AKF’s key media appearances below.


AKF Radio Interviews

Listen Deborah Tabart OAM on ABC Mornings “Stradbroke Island” – 11 July 2022


Listen Deborah Tabart OAM on ABC Between the Lines “How they helped save the iconic Australian koala” – 10 June 2021


Listen  Deborah Tabart OAM on ABC The World Today “Calls for action to save Koala populations” – 23 November 2020


Listen  Deborah Tabart OAM on ABC Drive “Moreton Bay Koala Habitat” – 6 May 2020


Listen  Deborah Tabart OAM on ABC Mornings “SEQ’s Koala Conservation Strategy” – 10 December 2019


Listen  Deborah Tabart OAM on 2ser Radio “How can we save the Koalas?” – 21 September 2019


Listen  Deborah Tabart OAM on ABC Mornings9 August 2019


Listen  Deborah Tabart OAM on ABC Drive3 June 2019


Listen  Deborah Tabart OAM on ABC Mornings23 May 2019


Listen  Deborah Tabart OAM on ABC The World Today15 December 2015  Source


Listen  Deborah Tabart OAM on ABC “Almost 700 Koalas killed in secret cull”4 March 2014  Source





AKF Television

The Koala Manifesto 7News – 30 March 2021


Deborah Tabart OAM on BBC News – 7 May 2018



Koalas declared Functionally Extinct on Sunrise – 19 May 2019


Deborah Tabart OAM on Gardening Australia ‘All Creatures Great and Small’

26 August 2017 – ABC


AKF in the News

Australian Koala Foundation calls for protection act

8 June 2022 – Bega Distract News

Now considered at risk of becoming extinct, koalas have suffered a startling decline in numbers and distribution over the last two decades. Following a final determination from the NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee on May 20, the status of koalas was changed to endangered, noting habitat loss had significantly affected population numbers. Numbers of the iconic marsupials are estimated to have fallen by 50 per cent over the last 20 years, the final determination noted.
Read full story





AKF in the News

A look at koalas in Australian culture amid the fires that are devastating their population

12 January 2020 – ABC News

The estimated deaths of more than 25,000 koalas have left Australians fearful that the fate of the country’s native animals may end in functional extinction. Bushfires have transformed Australia’s scenic landscape to one ravaged by smoke, flames and ruin. The fires, which began in early-September, have claimed the lives of 25 people, destroyed more than 2,000 homes, and left an estimated 1 billion animals dead. Read full story




(SPANISH / ESPANOL) El koala: un inocente marsupial en peligro de extinción

10 January 2020 – La Vanguardia SPANISH / ESPANOL

Los incendios forestales que afectan diversas zonas de Australia han calcinado en poco más de dos meses cinco millones de hectáreas, una superficie equivalente a la suma de la extensión total de Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria y el País Vasco. Lee mas





Australia’s Bushfires Bring Mounting Pressure to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

8 January 2020 – IPS

As nature’s fury wreaked havoc across Australia, reducing to ashes all that came in its way – people, flora, fauna, picturesque historic towns and villages once popular with local and overseas tourists – it was unlike anything the country had witnessed before. The staggering scale and intensity of the devastation could best be summed up as apocalyptic. Read full story




AKF in the News

Conservationist slams Brisbane’s koala deal

21 September 2019 – The Australian

Australia’s best-known koala conservationist, Deborah Tabart, has labelled as “a complete waste of money” Brisbane City Council’s $6.2m purchase of a denuded suburban block it had deemed a “koala corridor’’. The long-serving Australian Koala Foundation chairwoman, who met Brisbane Mayor Adrian Schrinner on Friday, said “polit­ical motivations’’ were behind most of the Liberal council’s purchases under the Bushland Acquisition Program, funded by a ratepayer levy. Read full story Download PDF version



How the American Bald Eagle could play a role in saving our koala

9 May 2019 – The Sydney Morning Herald

A new Koala Protection Act – already written by barristers and discussed with senior federal politicians – must come into effect within the next decade or wild koalas on Australia’s east coast will be extinct, the Australian Koala Foundation believes. Foundation chair Deborah Tabart OAM has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Labor leader Bill Shorten to ask whoever becomes Australia’s prime minister after the election on May 18 for urgent action to protect koalas. Read full story




NSW Koala Strategy challenged by the Australian Koala Foundation

10 February 2017 – Port Macquarie News



Snuggle up with ‘Koala Stories’ this Christmas

18 November 2015 – The Australian Times


Proposal to euthanise Koalas with chlamydia divides experts

20 October 2015 – The Guardian


Koala joey clings to teddy… Otway Koala cull

22 September 2015 – Daily Mail


Koala hunt shame revealed

4 September 2015 – Fraser Coast Chronicle


September is Save the Koala Month – are you ready?

3 September 2015 – Wingham Chronicle


Last chance to save the koala, says Foundation

17 August 2015 – Sunshine Coast Daily


Pressure on pollies to act for Koalas

16 August 2015 – Coffs Coast Advocate


The Koala Army is calling on residents…

12 June 2015 – Courier Mail


Vulnerable Listing in QLD

31 May 2015

International Business Times (UK)

ABC (Australia)

Take Part (USA)

Sky News (Australia)

SBS (Australia)


Koala Culling

27 May 2015

Washington Post (USA)

PBS Newshour (USA)

Reuters (UK)

The Independant (UK)

The Australian (AUS)

Daily Mail (AUS)


BBC (world)

Toronto Star (Canada)


Fatal flaws in Koala maths

7 May 2015 – Northern Daily Leader


Offer on koalas

14 April 2015 – Noosa News


Koalas must be protected from dogs

19 March 2015 – Brisbane Times


Noosa Koalas on the brink of extinction

15 March 2015 – Sunshine Coast Daily


Open letter to Greg Hunt RE: Koala Cull

6 March 2015 – Echo


Almost 700 Victorian Koalas in secret cull (Audio Interview with Deborah Tabart OAM)

4 March 2015 – ABC




Koala Foundation: No faith in Shenhua Science

16th December 2014

Click here to read the article


AKF to ask US President Barack Obama for backing following G20 Koala Cuddle

19th November 2014

Click here to read the article

Similar articles here from Echo, and here from the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Opinion piece on New Matilda here.


Dead koalas found after trees lopped to make way for bald hill wind farm

16th September 2014

Click here to read the article



Koalas caught in QLD development plan

27th August 2014

Click here to read the article


Campbelltown councilor continues to fight for airds koala colony

July 18 2014

Click here to read the article


Koala populations at risk, group says

3rd July 2014

Click here to read the article


Koala populations at gunnedah under threat from coal project

25th June 2014

Click here to read the article


Prince george kangaroo backpack

7th April 2014

Click here to read the article


Ooutrage at Blue Gum Koala deaths

23 July 2013

Click here to listen to Deborah’s interview


Ballarat Koalas under threat despite protection overlay

5th June 2013

Click here to read the article


Kaala habitat maps show noosa loss’s grim reality

21st Feb 2013

Click here to read the article



13th February 2013

Click here to read the article



30th April 2012

Click here to listen to the interview

Minister Slumbers as Blinky Dies Out

The Courier Mail pg 20-21, November 07 2011

Click here to read the article

online version

Team-Building Project Helps Sanctuary Grow

Noosa Journal pg 48, October 27 2011

Click here to read the article

When Koalas and carbon collide

Posted by Michele Rene Scott August 23 2011

Click here to read the article

Koala Scare

Brisbane News ‘Higher Purchase’ – July 27-August 2, Issue 843, page 12

Click here to read the article

Living With Koalas

The Australian Koala Foundation illustrates the dangers facing an amazing marsupial and explains how you can help protect koalas in your own backyard.

By: Australian Koala Foundation
Source: Australian Wildlife Secrets Vol 1 Number 1
… click to read the article

Tuesday 21 June 2011

An interview with Deborah Tabart and other guests about the koala, covering its history, cultural significance and current status.

By: Michael Cathcart
Source: ABC Radio National Online, June 21 2011
… click for full details

Koalas in decline

By: Leisa Roles
Source: Channel 10. 07 June, 2011
… click for full details

‘Senate Inquiry: Costs hard to bear: developers’

By: Ruth Liew
Source: The Australian Financial Review 20 May, 2011
… click for full details

‘The Senate Inquiry into the future of the Australian Koala’

By: Peter Gooch
Source: Evenings with Steve Austin 03 May 2011, 8:01pm
… click for full details

‘Koala’s facing extinction’

Source: Herald Sun, 03 May, 2011
… click for full details

‘Grim Future for Aussie Icon’

Source: QUT News, 03 May, 2011
… click for full details

‘Plea to list dwindling koalas’

Source: Courier Mail, 12 November, 2010
… click for full details

‘Koala virus could result in extinction’

Source: Courier Mail, 04 May, 2011
… click for full details

‘Port Stephens koalas in decline’

Source: Newcastle Herald, 20 July, 2010
… click for full details

‘Garrett accused of abandoning koalas’

By: Sarah Clarke

News Source: ABC News, May 25, 2010
… click for full details

‘Phone tap reveals bugs in plans to save koalas’

By: Jennie Curtin
News Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, March 22, 2010
… click for full details

‘Stress disease kills Australia’s koalas’

By: Tanalee Smith
News Source: Associated Press, September 30 2009
The koala, Australia’s star symbol, is dying of stress. Koalas live in the rolling hills and flat planes where eucalypt trees grow, because they need the leaves for both food and water … click for full details

‘Save Our Koalas Rally’

By: Darren Cartwright
News Source: The Australian, September 25 2009
Conservationists have delivered five dead koalas to Queensland’s Parliament House, saying the marsupials are on the brink of extinction in urban Australia … click for full details

‘Aussie icons in peril on coast’

By: Leah Fineran
News Source: Gold Coast Bulletin, September 2 2009
They are cute, sometimes cuddly and they are dying by the thousands. Take a good look because this may be the only way future generations get a glimpse of these furry Aussie icons … click for full details

‘Koala lobby queries Bligh over consultants’

News Source: Brisbane Times, August 9 2009
The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) has embroiled the Queensland Government in yet another allegation of impropriety concerning the use of consultants … click for full details

‘Premier chastised over looming koala extinction’

By: Tony Moore
News Source: Brisbane Times, July 23 2009
Conservationists have warned Premier Anna Bligh she will be held accountable for the impending eradication of South-East Queensland’s urban koala population … click for full details

‘Koala Coast koalas face extinction’

By: Kate Dennehy
News Source: Sydney Morning Herald, June 1 2009
Koalas in Queensland are headed for extinction because of the State and Federal Government’s inaction, wildlife groups say… click for full details

‘Bid to give koalas legal protection’

By: Brian Williams

News Source: Courier Mail, May 29 2009
If listed under federal laws, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act will kick in, forcing anyone clearing land in koala habitat to ensure it does not affect the animal’s prospects for survival… click for full details

‘Habitat clearing threatens bay koalas’

By: Brian Williams
News Source: Courier Mail, April 27 2009
The Queensland Government faces charges of hypocrisy after it cleared prime eucalypt along Redland City in Southeast Queensland’s Koala Coast…click for full details

‘Forest Rescue’

By: Lauren Jarvis
News Source: National Geographic Kids, April 8 2009
A tiny baby koala walks slowly along a lonely road in Victoria, Australia, calling for his mother. Behind him, the trees in the national park he once called home are burning…click for full details

‘Physical Scars Will Remain’

By: Ben Cubby
News Source: Sydney Morning Herald, February 10 2009
The nation’s most deadly fires have left scars on Victoria’s bushland and native animal populations that will last for the rest of the century…click for full details

‘Push to Declare Koalas Endangered’

News Source: Sydney Morning Herald, December 11 2008

Conservationists will pressure the federal environment minister to urgently declare south-east Queensland’s koala population critically endangered…click for full details

‘$20m to Rescue Coast Koalas”

By Geoff Chambers
News Source:, December 3 2008
A koala rescue operation could cost ratepayers and developers up to $20 million to save 100 of the iconic animals….click for full details

‘Climate Threatens the Koala’

By Marian Wilkinson
News Source: Sydney Morning Herald, November 22 2008
Koalas, already listed as vulnerable, are likely to die in greater numbers as they adapt to climate change, which will bring more intense bushfires, rising temperatures, increased drought and a drop in the nutritional levels of their food…click for full details

‘The Tragedy of Noosa’s Lost Koalas’

News Source: The Noosa Journal, October 30 2008
Noosa’s koala population will be extinct by 2010. That is the dire prediction from some of the state’s leading koala experts who say there are fewer than 15 koalas left in Noosa Shire…click for full details

‘Last Koala Habitats Get the Chop’

By Ben Cubby
News Source: Sydney Morning Herald, October 28 2008
Bulldozers rolled in to some of the last remaining koala habitats on the South Coast yesterday, marking the start of what police fear could be a divisive logging operation…click for full details

‘Koalas Vs. Cars’

By Reshni Ratnam
News Source: Westside News, October 15 2008
Kenmore’s koala population may be destroyed if the Kenmore Bypass is built…click for full details

‘Protect Koala Now’

News Source: Burnie Advocate, September 27 2008
Ms Tabart said that while the koala was on the priority list for species conservation, there was a two year evaluation time and, she warned, 4000 animals could die in Southeast Queensland alone before action was taken…click for full details

‘How Much Coffee Can a Koala Bear?’

News Source: MX Brisbane, September 26 2008
A great example of Australian Koala Foundation sponsorship opportunities! “Over the next five weeks, Hudsons Coffee will donate $1 to the Australian Koala Foundation for every creamy caramel coffee sold…click for full details

‘Koalas Only Clinging On’

By Rosslyn Beeby
News Source: The Canberra Times, September 16 2008
In the past five years, more than 25, 000 koalas have died inQueensland. Breakdown that figure with a series of divisions, and that’s a mortality rate of 5000 a year, just over 400 a month and more than 100 animals a week…click for full details

‘Koala Taskforce Slammed by Groups’

News Source: The West Australian, August 27 2008
A special Queensland taskforce set up to conserve koala populations will only produce bandaid solutions, a member of the taskforce says …click for full details

‘Koalas Catastrophe – Furry Friends Ravaged By Disease’

By Glenis Green
News Source: Courier Mail, July 5-6 2008
After years of conservationists sounding warning about the threats from urban pressures, a leading researcher has now said bluntly that koalas could soon be just a memory…click for full details


‘Tassie Devil, Koala Make Priority List’

News Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, August 27 2008
The Tasmanian Devil and the Koala have been included on an Australian Government list of animals to be given a priority assessment of their conservation status…click for full details


‘Koala Woman steers teamwork to protect habitat’

News Source: Courier Mail, Saturday 26th January 2008
By: Jana Roberts
The internationally known “Koala Woman” and inspiration to businesswomen the world over, will be formally recognised today for her tireless work protecting and managing koalas and their habitat. Deborah Tabart will be acknowledged with an Order of Australia Medal (OAM)…click for full details


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