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Deborah's Diary

Vale Olivia

9 August 2022 –

Hello Koala Lovers, I walk past this poster every day at HQ in Brisbane and today I want to thank Olivia for everything she did for me, the AKF, for the Koala, for the environment and of course for...

Let the Games Begin

4 August 2022 –

Hello Koala Lovers, On Tuesday the Premier of Queensland announced that her Government spent $24.6 million on a purchase of land for Koalas. The press came to see me at HQ and as always we prepared...

The Koala does not have time to wait while Government re-writes federal laws

11 July 2022 –

Latest Press Release Read HERE                ...

New Environment Minister

20 June 2022 –

Hello Koala Lovers, It has taken me some time to find the right words to write to the new Environment Minister, The Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP because I wanted to find the right tone. After 33 year...

The Koala Protection Act

24 May 2022 –

Hello Koala Lovers, Well, I think the Australian people have really spoken to our political leaders with a massive swing away from both parties, and a whole stack of independents (a lot of them wom...

The Koala’s Future

12 May 2022 –

Hello Koala Lovers, For regular readers you know that Australia has a federal election coming up on 21st May and a few weeks ago I wrote to the Minister for the Environment Ms. Sussan Ley to releas...

Don’t vote for a dill

4 May 2022 –

Hello Koala Lovers, Read below my latest press release for the lead up to the election, and download the 'Koala Army's Guide to Democracy'. Remember - don't vote for a dill! Read my Latest Press R...

A Little Bit of Good News

6 April 2022 –

Hello Koala Lovers, I was very pleased to be involved in this news story and I really would encourage you to go to the link to see some gorgeous wild Koalas and those who protect them in western Ne...

The Emperor’s New Clothes

24 March 2022 –

Hello Koala Lovers, I know most of you will not have time to read this article, but it is probably one of the most important things that I have seen in the last few days and although it is such a n...

Leadership for the Environment

15 March 2022 –

Hello Koala Lovers, I have just written to Minister Ley and her Shadow Minister Ms. Butler to ask them to speak out and support the Koala Protection Act prior to the election, due very soon in Aust...


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