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Deborah's Diary

The Koala Manifesto has launched!

23 March 2021 –

Hello Koala lovers, I hope you are all safe and well. The launch of my book, The Koala Manifesto went fantastically. Thank you for your continual support and encouragement. Check out our Koala...

What will Save the Koala?

5 February 2021 –

Hello Koala Lovers, Driving to work early this morning I saw this advertisement and as always the frustration levels rise because; It shows how important the Koala is in times of trouble for A...

Minister has the power to protect Koala habitat now

21 December 2020 –

Hello Koala Lovers, I am hoping you might take a look at a recent TV News report that had me articulate my concerns about the Koala Count. The AKF has great concerns that this is unnecessary an...

Minister Ley’s Koala Count

23 November 2020 –

Minister Ley has announced a Koala count. I gave the maps below to the Minister in February of this year. This data has taken 30 years and nearly $20m. I am sure this announcement is more about New...


21 September 2020 –

Hello Koala Lovers, In the year 2000, I had the privilege of meeting Supreme Court Justice Ms. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (or RBG as she is known) and she had a profound effect on me as a woman and also a...

Save the Koala Month begins

1 September 2020 –

Hello Koala Lovers, Today is the beginning of Save the Koala Month and we need you more than ever. As you will see from this link to the Guardian article, our Federal Minister Ley seems to have ign...

Maps for a Minister

30 July 2020 –

Hello Koala Lovers, I am lucky enough to be sitting at Quinlans, our beautiful Research Station property and I am reflecting on the plight of the Koala; as always. In recent days there has been ...

Protect what is essential

30 June 2020 –

Hello Koala Lovers, I do hope that you and your families are safe during this dreadful COVID-19 time. AKF staff are all well and we continue to feel very proud of all of you who still support us in...

Green Tape

29 April 2020 –

Hello Koala Lovers, Thank you, to all of you who made a submission to the Federal Government for the EPBC Act review and I am very pleased we were able to give you guidance on these complex issues....

All in this together

9 April 2020 –

Wishing you all a safe and peaceful Easter time which is a great time for reflection, particularly now when we are all isolated at home. It is a time to remember that we are all in this together and t...


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