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November Newsletter

21 November 2019 –

Official Statement from the Australian Koala Foundation

“It is difficult for the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) to make any meaningful comments regarding the current Australian bushfires until the fires are over and people on the ground have evaluated the situation. We will await their advice. The AKF believes that any Koala losses at this time will be significant, given the Koala is already listed as Vulnerable under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.”

Deborah Tabart AKF Chairman

Super Sweet Support

The AKF has recently been supported by French confectionary company Lutti. During November through to January Lutti will be donating a percentage of proceeds to the AKF for every purchase of their popular Koala shaped treats. Lutti understands the vulnerable position our beautiful Koalas are in and wanted to initiate a partnership that was a commitment to the protection of their habitat. Thank you Lutti for your support! If your organisation would like to contribute to the Australian Koala Foundation please send an email to our Koala Projects Manager Aaron.

Heroes of the Month!

This month we are celebrating 16 heroes! Recently the AKF received a collection of gorgeous artwork from students of St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School. A class of year two students from the school located in Coonamble, NSW sent through their amazing paintings from their activities of learning about Koalas. One of our main purposes as a foundation is to educate the public on the plight of the Koala. We have plenty of resources on our website to learn about Koalas, especially for kids! Click here to download our ‘Koala for Kids’ booklet.


You are always welcome to nominate yourself or someone you know as the AKF’s Hero of the Month! We love hearing of your efforts and will send you some AKF goodies including our Koala Army dog-tags to wear with pride.

Adopt Australia’s Cutest Joey!

This year Tourism Australia held an online public poll to find Australia’s cutest joey. One of our Koalas from our adopt program, Tallow was given the title and we can tell why! Tallow is a gorgeous joey from mother Prada and father Tyson who are two of Paradise Country’s oldest residents. When you adopt Tallow and her mother Prada you will receive a beautiful personalised certificate with her photo. If you would like to visit Tallow please arrange directly with Paradise Country located on the Gold Coast.



Have you enlisted in the Koala Army?

Koalas need our help more than ever. To support the Australian Koala Foundation you can enlist in the Australian Koala Foundation Koala Army. The Battle Plan? To have the Koala Protection Act (KPA) enacted to ensure all Koala habitats are protected under law.  Want to show your support? Order our Koala Army dog-tags and wear them with pride! Once you have added them to your cart be sure to write the name you would like engraved in our ‘further information or instruction’ section upon checkout! 





March Newsletter

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