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5th August 2013

5 August 2013 –

The Prime Minister yesterday called an election for September 7th (K-Day) and this gives all of you (and the Koala Army) to voice your opinion on the protection of the Koala.

The Prime Minister yesterday called an election for September 7th (K-Day) and this gives all of you (and the Koala Army) to voice your opinion on the protection of the Koala.

If you go to Act or Axe, you will find the AKF’s scientific assessment of the number of Koalas in each federal electorate, a comment from me and worse still an estimated number from our federal government which basically shows they have no idea what is going on in Australia.

As I wrote each of these comments, even I was shocked at the low numbers of precious Koalas in each area.  There are only a few places that are capable of recovery and given the new federal guidelines seem to say that, then it says to me our Government does know that many populations are on their way to extinction.

So, do they think that the tourism industry will be “fed” by Zoos?  That celebrities from around the world can come and see the Koala, make people feel everything is OK and  the dollars will roll in as always.   But, do they think that one day like the Tasmanian Tiger the last one will die. I don’t think they give it a thought and our Tourism Ministers should be ashamed that they have no understanding.   One does, she lives in a Koala habitat and she knows the problem.  In opposition she used to protect the Koalas but not now.   It is ironic to me as a Tasmanian and whose parents saw that last beautiful Tiger that our election day is the day he went to extinction.  His name was Ben and it was 7th September, 1936.  Ironically again, the federal government protected him 3 months before when there was one left.

You have the power.  With your vote.  With your emails (or Gumnuts from the Koala Army), your telephone calls, your letters, whatever way you can.  Write to our leaders (or your local member if you are an Australian) and tell them that you want the Koala trees protected.  There is an email and address for every member on Act or Axe.   We only need one, just one good soul to say they will table the Koala Protection Act and we are on our way.  Surely one of our new potential winners will have that goodness in them.

I would also like you to read my previous Diary dated 23rd of July.   I didn’t circulate it at the time because I believed that I might have been able to convince the logging companies and Government that our science would be needed to help resolve the problem.  I rang the Premier of Victoria, the head of one of the logging companies, and our new Federal Environment Minister offering advice and my calls were not returned.  I warn you when you watch the link you will hear a Victorian Koala crying because of the distress of the logging.     

I am so tired of offering advice and it not being heard.  Our science is good and on the Act or Axepage, we have shown how we get our Koala numbers and we have tried to understand where Government gets theirs; basically large big dots on a large big map.   It is shocking and I have lost total faith in our leaders to protect the environment.

Our Prime Minister yesterday spoke of Australia being the food bowl for Asia and yet I see productive land of Australia (and only 6% of landscape is arable and capable of growing food), continually destroyed.   Cut up for plantations forestry, cut up for development, and worse still turned into a quarry.   None of it makes sense really and shows complete lack of leadership.  

As I write those words, it sounds like I have written them so many times before and even though I know that many of you hold me in high regard, it is time for me to say that it isn’t up to me now.   It is time for you to act now.   Time for you to change this country into what you want.  Time for you to really listen and understand that the Koala has shown me that our country is in serious trouble from greed and corruption.   That corruption isn’t just on the front pages of the newspaper, it is in our electorates where our political leaders do deals with mates that choose to destroy.   It is time for you to choose people, even inexperienced people if they have your values.  Do not be apathetic and tick the box on your ballot paper with the same old, same old person.

Even if you do not live in our country, then this applies to all our world leaders.   They say they care about us, but I am not so sure.  

It is only 5 weeks and the Koalas future could be changed forever.   Join the Koala Army, send our leaders Gumnuts as we have called them – they need to understand that we, the people, love the Koala and Australia and want them to lead for the protection of this unique and wonderful iconic species. 

Time is running out – I urge you to take the time to wander around Act or Axe – it will frighten you.






19th August 2013

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