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23rd July 2013

23 July 2013 –

Last night a TV report showed that Koalas are being killed by bulldozers in blue gum plantations.   These trees which have been the life blood for Koalas in Victoria over the last 10-15 years are now being felled and as my regular readers will know, we foreshadowed this was happening.

It is now out in the open and I must congratulate the carers, the women who spoke out on the show.   This can put people like that at great risk.  Governments do not like being embarrassed.   The images of the dead Koalas and even one image of a mother with a broken back will haunt the Victorian Government for some time I hope.

Now, I am absolutely convinced that this is why the Federal Minister, Tony Burke did not list the Koala in Victoria in May 2012.    These industries have a great deal of power and I will call on the new Minister today to insist that he does something.  His response will be “I have no powers because the Koala is not listed in that State”.    This is why there has to be a Koala Protection Act so that each and every Koala gets the respect it deserves.

Years ago, AKF worked with the Blue Gum industry because we foreshadowed this would happen.   We made a series of recommendations and they were ignored.   One of those recommendations was that they could keep biodiversity shelters between the roles of trees which would allow the Koalas to retreat to them when the harvesting was done. It would still be traumatic for Koalas, but better than having a scorched earth policy with the koalas having nowhere to go.  

In our study it also showed that the Koalas were not living as a colony in the plantations, but going in and out to have a good feed.  The fact that a mother and joey was killed in one of the areas would suggest our study was incorrect and even more reason for industry to work with our scientists.   

One of the harvesting companies did contact AKF recently and I suspect I will hear from them today.  There is nothing like a TV to get action.  It is just pathetic really.     I have had many emails this morning from many of you and yes, we will ensure that these absolutely senseless and callous actions will be called to justice.

Those trees are being used to toilet paper and paper towels by the way so everyone of us can actually do something if we really think about that fact.   Only buy recycled products.

More later….Join the Koala Army for a Koala Protection Act




5th August 2013

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2nd July 2013

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