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13th May 2015

13 May 2015 –



Look who is going to work with Mum!




Doesn’t he look like me?   I, however have never put my dirty paws on the back of Mum’s seats, but I do hear that he is doing a great job in the Save the Koala Retail Store at Mum’s work.

Charlie is very cheeky at the moment and Mum said I am being very, very responsible teaching him the rules at home.

Clare and Margot work with him at work in the shop.

Miss Bennett and I actually enjoy some time away from him at the moment.  Puppies are just so UNPREDICTABLE!  

But I do think that I am going to Quinlans soon and will get to see Ian. Hooray!

Have you bought anything in our Shop?


Mr. Darcy


25th May 2015

25 May 2015 –

Guess where I have been?    Oh my goodness it was so much fun and I even took Charlie. There is this really nice guy called Neil who slashes our front paddock and Mum let me run...


22nd April 2015

22 April 2015 –

Hi all, Charlie isn't at home and Mum said when she left this morning that "Charlie had to work in our Save the Koala Shop"  Mum said there is a new royal baby coming and we have to be...


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