About Quinlan's



Quinlan’s’ is a 40 hectare property of Australian bush, at Gheerulla near Kenilworth inland from the Queensland Sunshine Coast. The property was named in honour of the couple, Peter and Julanne Quinlan, who bequeathed it to the AKF. Deborah (AKF CEO) took on the ambitious task of establishing Quinlan’s as a one-off bushland showplace asset that embodies the AKF values. 
During the establishment phase the focus was on a major clean-up program and undertaking a large backlog of maintenance tasks. In this period, there were also significant upgrades to basic facilities and infrastructure, much of which was made possible by generous donations of equipment and labour. This work has provided an excellent foundation for future plans to realise the longer-term vision. 



For over twenty years, Peter and Julanne Quinlan were well known within their community as committed conservationists. The nature-loving couple were passionate about wildlife and aspired to have their property protected as a wildlife reserve. Peter was an industrial Chemist turned hobby farmer and was previously Chairman of the Kenilworth Chamber of Commerce. Julanne was a trained nurse and keen student, having completed several degrees. The couple generously left their estate (including their 40 hectare bushland home) to the Australian Koala Foundation The AKF is now able to honour Peter and Julanne’s vision for the property.

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As a bushland property, Quinlan’s has important Koala habitat values. The AKF has produced a Koala Habitat Atlas (see right) for the property which identifies and ranks remnant Koala habitat. The white colour is the main house and front paddock, red is primary Koala habitat, green is secondary Koala habitat and yellow indicates the creek.

We are very happy with the property's bushland, as the vegetation is good for Koalas. With the addition of just a few more Koala food trees, we are confident that we can make most of the property primary habitat for Koalas.

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