The Koala Manifesto

If you cannot save the Koala,
you cannot save anything.

The Koala Manifesto calls for ten key actions that will need to happen to save the Koala, save its habitat, and in turn save thousands of other animals and fundamentally change our relationship with nature. Author Deborah Tabart OAM has headed the Australian Koala Foundation for 33 years and brings her vast experience, passion, and humour to tell the story of the Koala and offer clear and immediate steps we can take to save them and ultimately ourselves. The book is filled with vibrant illustrations that bring the story to life.


The 10 Commandments of




Why we need this:

22 March 2021

Call for dramatic koala action Read

25 Feb 2021

Morrison government’s new environment commissioner ‘toothless’, conservation groups say Read

18 Feb 2021

Koalas are 'at risk of extinction' in many parts of Australia, but we can stop it Read

17 Jan 2021

Outdated Victorian environment laws failing wildlife: report Read

US Listing of the Koala as a Threatened Species Read

26 Feb 2021

Australian scientists warn urgent action needed to save 19 'collapsing' ecosystems Read

17 Feb 2021

More than 100 Australian plant species entirely burnt in Black Summer bushfires, study finds Read



Why we need this:

16 Dec 2020

Federal Government accused of wasting time and money on koala research instead of saving habitat Read

Koala Habitat Atlas Read More

30 July 2020

Maps for a Minister Read

4 Mar 2021

Midcoast Council koala mapping project Read

Bob’s Map – Koala Population Estimates Read More



Why we need this:

2 Feb 2021

Great Koala National Park would create thousands of jobs, study finds, but at what cost? Read

9 Feb 2021

The new green paper sector doesn’t need trees Read

23 March 2021

‘We are pro-forestry’: Minister rejects call to enhance threatened species protections Read

18 Jan 2021

Forestry Corp sought to ease post-bushfire logging curbs to save jobs Read

17 Feb 2021

Logging to resume in bushfire-affected forests on NSW south coast despite environmental warning Read

2 Jul 2020

Land clearing in NSW rises nearly 60% since laws were relaxed Read

11 Feb 2021

Logging increases bush flammability for 30 years, research shows Read




Why we need this:

10 April 2021

Gas consortium seeks approval to drill 7,700 wells in Queensland, including near national parks Read

1 Feb 2021

Australia’s weak donation laws allowed $1bn in dark money to go to political parties over two decades Read

11 Feb 2021

NSW minister Matt Kean’s call for national environment watchdog at odds with federal CoalitionRead

28 Feb 2021

Centennial Coal mine expansion threatens endangered sites hit by Black Summer mega blaze Read


Why we need this:

"This is essential if the Koala and all creatures great and small are to be safe." – Deborah Tabart OAM



Why we need this:

10 Feb 2021

Basin’s new Inspection-General Troy Grant forced to defend previous criticisms of Murray Darling Basin Plan Read

9 Feb 2021

India glacier burst: Rescue workers looking for 171 people feared dead Read

21 March 2021

Warragamba Dam overflows for first time in years amid NSW 'extreme weather event' Read

28 Feb 2021

‘Insane’: Proposed gold mine to take coal wastewater, dam headwaters Read

25 Feb 2021

‘World of hurt’: Toxic blooms take over Lower Darling River as dam debate ramps up Read



Why we need this:

"The Koala absolutely needs creeks, waterways and river systems to be free of stock." – Deborah Tabart OAM




Why we need this:

24 March 2021

Yes, Australia is a land of flooding rains. But climate change could be making it worse Read

22 Jan 2021

Wetlands have saved $27 billion in storm damage over the past five decades Read

5 April 2021

Floodplains aren’t separate to a river — they’re an extension of it Read

23 Sep 2020

NSW flood-plain harvesting curbed, setting irrigators up for tighter rules Read


Why we need this:

27 Jan 2021

Is Germany facing a water shortage crisis? Read

" Industry will not like this, but it will have to happen." – Deborah Tabart OAM

23 Nov 2020

South Australia’s disappearing springs raise questions for miner BHP Read



Why we need this:

11 Feb 2021

Productivity Commission finds Australia’s water policy not up to challenge of climate change, population growth Read

"In my local community, I know there are 157 historical water licenses. At the time they were issued to grow food (some still do), but by and large, as the area has gentrified, it now keeps lawns green during a drought. This is the case all over Australia and no-one is watching. The plight of the Murray Darling Basin with too much water being extracted, water for sale at exorbitant prices, and water theft, must be stopped in its tracks. This waste of water and the naïve allocation of it as a monetised resource must be revoked. All landholders and permit holders must show their allocation or license for the good of all, e.g., growing food or the like to ensure a sustainable future of Australia." – Deborah Tabart OAM

11 Feb 2021

Productivity Commission says new Australian water deal must recognise climate change Read






8 April 2021

Bill Mollison's original permaculture farm to join others in huge NSW-Queensland koala corridor Read