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Adopt Polar

$30.00 / month

Queensland’s very own sleeping beauty needs no introduction. A gorgeous wild Koala, Polar has some remarkable colouring which has caught many an eye of admiration and earned her a place of distinction.

Her soft fur, paled with white and flecked greys have led her to being affectionately named Polar by the locals. But there’s more to this frosty beauty than meets the eye.

The bell of any ball, Polar is a sight to behold; even the birds sing of her beauty! Like a guardian of the forest, Polar spends her days exploring the heights of the trees, slowly devouring eucalyptus leaves and finding serene spots to take in the world around her.

Being a remarkable and rare sight comes with its own set of challenges. The same stunning pale colouring which sets her apart also makes her vulnerable. While the wild is her sanctuary, she faces threats from habitat loss and human encroachment. By adopting Polar, you’re contributing not only to her well-being, but also to the conservation efforts of her entire ecosystem.

As Polar represents all Koalas currently living in the wild, adoption means you are supporting the entire wild Koala community, alongside initiatives like NO TREE NO ME, the dedicated efforts of the Koala Army, and the conservation work at the Koala Beach. The donations play a crucial role in the ongoing conservation efforts that strive to protect these Koala families and their habitats. Through your support, we can ensure that Koalas like Polar, can continue to peacefully inhabit the Australian bush.



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