Policy and Planning

PLEASE NOTE: Although we appreciate and admire the hard work that goes into petitions, unfortunately we have seen them be ignored by government time and time again - even the best and biggest of them. Therefore we don't implement them as part of our strategy. If you want to help save wild Koalas, join the Koala Army. Your passion, time and effort is so important to us, and we need it for the Koala Protection Act.


FACT: Humans and Koalas are competing for real estate and the koalas are losing out

FACT: Since European Settlement in Australia, 80% of Koala habitat has disappeared
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FACT: Of the remaining habitat, 80% is on privately owned land

FACT: More than 4000 Koalas are killed each year by cars and dogs

The Federal and State Governments know these facts, but as they REFUSE to do anything about it, it is time for us to write the National Koala Act. The Australian Koala Foundation provides an independent voice for the koala and in 2004 submitted a Nomination to the Federal Government to have the Koala listed as vulnerable across its entire natural range. The Government took more than 2 years to come back with a response. That response was no. Click here for all the details on our nomination.

Our study on Koalas and Tourism showed that the Koala creates over 9000 jobs and is worth $1.1 billion in tourism per year to Australia.

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