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Koala Woman Says

This electorate on the southern fringe of Brisbane is the industrial hub with lots of major roads and new housing developments in other areas. Here we have an interesting example of what a Motorway does for Koalas: nothing. Toohey Forest Park (in this electorate) adjoins the Pacific Motorway, on the other side is Gertrude Pretty Place Park (Bonner electorate), the latter has many more Koalas than Toohey Forest even though it is over twice the size. There are only two places where Koalas can cross under the Motorway, and one is another road.

There were a few Koalas around Eight Mile Plains, Runcorn and Sunnybank, but that was 20 years ago. They are gone. Why there are no Koalas along Oxley Creek in the west is a mystery, it is a “significant habitat linkage” but not for Koalas.

I think there are no more than 10 animals in this electorate, but they all seem to be in Toohey Forest and it is a habitat island. They are on their way out.

Member for Moreton

Mr Graham Perrett MP
Australian Labor Party


PO Box 419 Sunnybank Plaza Sunnybank
QLD 4109

Will he Act or Axe?

Koala Numbers

Estimated AKF Koala Population: 5 – 10

Estimated Koala Habitat left: 7.1%

Estimated Federal Government Population: No data. No opinion.

Listed as endangered under the EPBC Act (Feb 2022)

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