Conservation and Research

We have mapped more than 4 million hectares of land for our Koala Habitat Atlas. Learn about our research: The Spot Assessment Technique and the Koala Habitat Atlas


Fact: The Australian Koala Foundation has funded approximately $8 million on Koala research through universities, institutions and in-house research including the Koala Habitat Atlas, conservation projects and restoration work.


Koala Research Projects

Current and past projects undertaken or supported by the AKF


How many Koalas?

Click here to see maps showing koala numbers & habitat in your area, and what our Politicians are doing to help them


Island Populations

Fact Sheet, Management perspectives and more...


Certified Koala Friendly Label

An exciting new program run by the Australian Koala Foundation. More...


Over 21,000 Koala food trees have been planted by us and our amazing supporters through Harrold’s Forest and on Field Trips

We consulted with the developer of a Koala-friendly housing development and proved that Koalas and humans can live in harmony at Koala Beach


Koala Planning Guidelines


Bibliography : A bibliographical reference on the koala

Paper by Deborah Tabart : Koala Myth becomes Scientific Fact

Koalas and Tourism: The koala is worth $32 billion & 30,000 jobs