We must love all wildlife

Well, Mum and I have been at Quinlans and we have BEEN VERY BUSY.  Even though Ian does most of the work, Mum and I always put up the memorial tags and Mum absolutely loves doing that - she says it makes her feel so grateful to people who care enough to support our work and that she also thinks about what is important in life.

I usually swim in the billabong while Mum does all the hard work, but today, well, I told Mum that THERE IS A SNAKE MUM.

Mum said "well done Mr. Darcy" and I was very pleased.   I am a little scared of snakes.  Mum isn't actually and she even noticed that someone on our Facebook said kill snakes.

No, we must love all wildlife.  I just have a good eye so I can WARN people when it might be dangerous.

Now, I am back to Brisbane.  It is nearly September 1 and well, guess what Save the Koala Month is here.   What are you doing to celebrate?   Oh and by the way did you see me on Gardening Australia.  I thought I did a great job!!!

Over and out

Mr. Darcy