Welcome to KoalaMap

KoalaMap is an exceptionally powerful tool, nothing like it exists anywhere else in the world. KoalaMap is the result of $8 million dollars worth of research, 2000 field sites, a database of over 100,000 trees and 25 years of hard work by the Australian Koala Foundation. Its aims are simple;
1. To protect Koala Habitat
2. To effectively identify and rank Koala habitat by tree species.*
3. To enable regeneration projects in a broader landscape.*
4. To record individual sightings of Koalas. 
Although tracking and recording of animals is important, the main function of KoalaMap is to retain and protect quality habitat without which there will be no koalas to sight. 
KoalaMap is provided to you for non-commercial purposes. A detailed User Guide is available to download here.. Please click the green button to start.
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A detailed User Guide is available to download here.
For information regarding meta-data and methodology, please refer to the User Guide