Save the Koala Month


Save The Koala Month 2016 was phenomenal to be a part of! Our thanks to all our supporters for spreading awareness for the plight of the Koala, and for your donations to help us continue our work to protect Koalas in the wild. 

We're looking forward to 2017, stay tuned for more news soon.



September is the breeding season for this beloved Australian icon, so we thought there was no better way to support these beautiful creatures than by sharing the 'love'. 

This is the time of year when we encourage koala lovers all over the world to help fundraise for the AKF and support our work to protect koalas in the wild. So our question to you is:


How will you help koalas in 2017? 


You might like to order a free AKF donation box or plan an event at work or school.  We love creativity, so put your thinking cap on and create your own fundraiser. Whatever you get up to, be sure to share it with us on Facebook and Twitter to help inspire others to get active for #STKM2017.


The AKF is dedicated to a Koala Protection Act and because we do not receive any government support, public fundraising for koala awareness is essential. Everything we do now is to ensure that new and effective legislation is implemented at a federal level. 

So, have some fun this September while we get on with protecting koalas in the wild!


*PLEASE NOTE* - we do not send donation boxes or fundraising products overseas. If you don't live in Australia and would like to help, you can purchase stickers and other AKF merchandise from our online store to sell in your communities OR we encourage you to hold a fundraiser and deposit what you raise to the AKF. Thank you!

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*The cuddly koalas in the image above are from the Lone Pine Sanctuary, our thanks to them for sharing this image for STKM2016 and STKM2017.