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Leadership for the Environment

15 March 2022 –

Hello Koala Lovers,

I have just written to Minister Ley and her Shadow Minister Ms. Butler to ask them to speak out and support the Koala Protection Act prior to the election, due very soon in Australia.

I have also asked Minister Ley to release the Koala Recovery Plan before the election happens, so we the people can decide on whether our Government is really serious about protecting not only the Koala but its trees.

I expect, like so many of my letters over many years, that it will be ignored. Our press release says it is like it is; that successive Governments have failed to protect the Koala forests. It is “easy” to list a species as Endangered, but if the follow up of stopping those trees coming down, does not happen, then it is just a word as I have said time and time again.

I am now impatient for the election to occur so we can start afresh with new faces in a new Parliament. Those new faces will, I hope have the bushfires and floods deeply embedded in their hearts and minds, so that we can really get leadership for the environment. Mother Nature can be tough and I feel so concerned for humans and animals alike that are suffering right now in our country with deluges of waters going through their homes.

Our country is amazing and the environment will recover; it is the bigger picture we need to focus on now. Even if you do not believe in climate change, I am sure we can all agree that something is wrong with the weather. Where I live we have had a year’s worth of rain in a week.

Today too, we are meeting with scientists in the office who will be starting the Koala Kiss Project; and that will be to work out the scientific methods that we need to link those habitats together.

I will be in touch and please send prayers and thoughts for not only our country but those involved in war and strife. It all seems so senseless – doesn’t it?

With thanks as always.


My press release about this is HERE.


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