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Can you believe it?

30 April 2024 –

Can you believe it? I can now talk and instead of me writing to you from now on, well I will still write a bit, you can hear me in person. Boy, I love the sound of my voice – not a grunt in sight. I have a new companion in my office too, Clive, a very noisy cockatoo who I think you will grow to love, after you get over the noise.

So, we are ready for the biggest campaign we have ever launched. And it is just not about me and my Koala mates, it is for all creatures that live in our bush. Our Commander in Chief is absolutely sick of the humans in Canberra not realising how serious things are so we have decided to have…

The Koala Army’s March for Creatures Great and Small!







On Sunday, September 1st, we’re all heading down to Canberra to raise our voices for all the creatures who call the Australian bush home. Koalas, Kookaburras, Wombats and more – every creature from every corner of the bush will be there, and we hope you will be too! We may even have a virtual March so you can watch online. More on that later. The Signals Division is in charge of that part of the March.

The Koala Army’s March for Creatures Great and Small will be a monumental display of commitment, colour and costumes – in a celebration of diversity, advocacy, and a shared commitment to protecting Australia’s wildlife. Clive is squawking about it all the time now and wants you all to buy a white tee shirt and have a yellow feather in your hair – he has not, however, come up with what a Wombat should wear.

Now remember, a mighty army thrives on numbers! Your first mission: spread the word far and wide! Let’s make this March the wildest celebration Australia and our Politicians have ever seen!

See you there, or be square (as they used to say in the 1960’s).


We Need You

14 May 2024 –

Guess what? I am now a fully animated Social Media Superstar spreading the news near and far about our upcoming March for Creatures Great and Small on 1 September in Canberra. It's time to rally ever...


April 30th

3 April 2024 –

Recruits, The Commander in Chief has some BIG news on April 30rd. So stay tuned! Over and out, Urban    ...


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