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Big plans for a big year!

5 April 2017 –

We have been very busy bees here at the Australian Koala Foundation. Lots and lots of planning is going into events and activities throughout 2017.

Among others, these include our annual Save the Koala Month (September) – with the theme “Love Is In the Air”.

And as mentioned in a recent newsletter, “Q-Day” at Quinlan’s on Wednesday 3 May. It will be a pretty awesome day out. Plenty of time and effort on the ground is going into that. And there’s still time to book your spot. At just $200 per person, it is great value! Get in touch with us at for more information and to reserve your spot.


Countdown to Q-Day

1 May 2017 –

May 3rd is fast approaching and with it will come an amazing day-trip to the AKF property Quinlan’s. Quinlan’s is 40 hectares of stunning bushland bequeathed to the AKF by owners Peter and...


Koala emoji all the rage!

5 April 2017 –

  For those of us who have either seen it or used it, the Koala emoji has to be the cutest thing out there. I mean, just look at it! Emojis are "ideograms and smileys used in electronic mes...


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