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9th December 2014

9 December 2014 –

I am hoping to get lovely bones for Christmas dinner and I will probably share with Miss Bennett. She is very respectful to me these days because she realises that I am getting older and wiser.  Mum said that, and then I lost the compliment because I  actually got into trouble  for sort of growling at Miss Bennett when we get our breakfast. Dear oh dear growing up is so hard.


Good news, Mum will be home for Christmas and have some holidays where we can all swim in the pool.  Whooppee.


Did you know it is hot in Australia and Mum said it is snowing in other places in the world.   I wonder what dogs do in the snow?  


Other good news is that we are getting a new brother, called Charlie. Mum read a book about a lady who walked to the Magnetic North Pole – using her shadow as a compass and she had a beauuuuutiffffulllll dog called Charlie with her.


Mum said she is going to need all the guidance she can from us dogs so she can get a Koala Protection Act for the Koala. Me, Miss Bennett and Charlie – what a team! Will show you photos in the New Year. Merry Christmas everyone and in America, Happy Holidays!!!

See what a universal dog I am!



Mr. Darcy

P.S.  That means I forgot to tell you.   Miss Bennett is really excited about sort of being a Mum when Charlie comes.  She loves to look after things and guess what, that means I get to go to Quinlans with Mum so I can keep her company. Whooppeeee again. 


18th December 2014

18 December 2014 –

One of these puppies is Charlie. Merry Christmas everyone! Love Mr. Darcy  ...


25th September 2014

25 September 2014 –

Quinlans was just fantastic and I got to meet the family of Peter and Julanne who gave it to the Koalas. Save the Koala Day coming up on Friday and Mum said there is a beautiful new Shop!...


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