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1st JUNE 2017

1 June 2017 –

Hello Koala Lovers,

Winter is upon us in Australia and this is the time that our office starts to get ready for Save the Koala Month in September. Our theme this year is “Love is in the Air”.

September, October and November are breeding seasons for the Koala and sadly many Koalas get hurt traversing landscapes looking for mates. It is also the time when the AKF seeks support from the public because unlike many organisation we take no Government donations.

In recent days, many of the other environmental groups have been calling for an end to land clearing laws in both Queensland and New South Wales and AKF fully endorses that position.

But will our politicians listen?

For those who have followed my Diary for many years you will know that I do not think any existing laws are capable of protecting the Koala and their forests. And worse still, I do not think there is any political will to stop the bulldozers.

That is why we need a Koala Protection Act and as we learnt last year in the 2016 election, our four political leaders; the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Leader of the Greens did not endorse a Koala Protection Act and its enactment.

Why? Because the Koala has powerful enemies. Because our Governments of all persuasions are captive to political donations from industry. Because our Governments want to leave things like they are; it enables industry to get away with practices that have no place in a warming climate.

Today, research came out that shows that if you save the forests of Australia, we would meet our climate obligations; (not to mention saving thousands of species in those forests). AKF has known that since our inception in 1986 and certainly after AKF staff went to the Copenhagen Climate talks in 2009. 8 years later – nothing has changed. The Koala is capable of bringing about that change and it will leave the door open for many other species to follow.

So, we are completely committed to a Koala Protection Act and we will get it – the global community, like you, will help us. In the meantime, we must also remember how much we love the Koala and I would love you to look at our new video.

Thanks for your support and talk next month.



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