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17th September 2013

17 September 2013 –

Our new Government will be sworn in tomorrow and the new Environment Minister will be Mr Greg Hunt.  Mr. Hunt is well known to the AKF and as soon as he settles into his chair, we will ask for a meeting with him to discuss Koala conservation federally.   Mr. Hunt knows that the AKF is against the powers that protect Koalas being taken away from Canberra and we will fight that vigorously until a Koala Protection Act comes into place.

It is Save the Koala Month and all our attention now is focussed on raising funds for our work.   We take no Government funding and donations from you, help us to speak out for the Koala.  They do not have a voice on their own.

Donations are very welcome and I will keep you updated over the comings weeks about where the Government is heading with regard to Koala conservation.





8th October, 2013

8 October 2013 –

The Koala Protection Act is now written and I have taken advice from my colleagues in the United States and we think it should work to save Koala habitat. Now the hard work begins. More later&hellip...


5th September 2013

5 September 2013 –

This weekend Australia goes to a Federal election and I am hoping that many people will think about the Koala on the day.  The Koala cannot vote and does not have a voice, but of course we do.&nb...


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