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14th December 2010

17 December 2010 –

It seems like I am going to get my wish and my two new front teeth are growing nicely.   Gosh, they look like they are going to be big. Rose said she will take a photo if she gets time.  She is busy doing Adopt a Koala thingo’s for Xmas presents.   Mum says I am getting a big boy now and there are certain things I am allowed to do and some that I am not allowed to do.

The No’s: Chasing cane toads. Chasing butterflies (this is very difficult not to do because they do flip around the place).  Digging up new plants, especially the red and white ones for Christmas.
The Yes’s: Having fun with my brothers and sisters. Chewing up all the teddies that I get (they come from the Salvation Army and Mum says she only gets the ones that won’t find good homes). And pulling out weeds which I really love. Mum and I do that a lot.

Dane, my grandfather has a special Christmas collar and he loves it. I might get one for Christmas if I am lucky. Apparently I won’t be at the office for a few weeks because Mum is going on holidays and she keeps saying what fun we will have in the pool. I tried that over the weekend. I got to sit on the top step and gee, when you look down at your feet in that water, my legs look shorter. Anyway, I will look forward to swimming in the pool – whatever that means.

I am off to Quinlans before Xmas so I will write from there. I was very useful there last week. While the girls were painting the dormitory I got to re-arrange all the sand in the shower block.  I did an excellent job.


Holiday Blog 10th January 2011

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16th December 2010

16 December 2010 –

We had Secret Santa today and everyone is very happy because it is Xmas. I am going to Quinlans next week with Mum as there are lots of people planting trees and putting in bush tucker. Mum said we ar...


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