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14th April 2011

14 April 2011 –

You know those things I told you about ages ago, the things that have long tails and yell a lot. Well I now know what they are. They are cats! The reason it has taken so long to find out, is because I have never been inside our house before. Mum said I was too little and too bouncy for inside. The big dogs can and I had to be put to bed early. Now I am bigger, I am allowed in, even though I am still a little bouncy, but gee those cats are good fun. Bob especially loves me and I love pulling his tail. Technically it isn’t chasing, but Mum says ah ah every now and again and I have to stop and then be good. Our cats are not allowed out into the garden, because you cannot train them like me. They kill things. Mum says they are NBK’s, (Natural Born Killers). They don’t look nasty and they sort of purr a lot when they see me, but I trust Mum, so that must be right. Quinlans for 5 days next week and I guess I will be allowed to swim again. Yeah!



20th April 2012

20 April 2011 –

 Mum has been so busy in the last couple of days but it has been great. Journalists have been coming to our house and I got to go on camera. Have a look at the koalas Facebook ...


8th April 2011

8 April 2011 –

UPDATE: Photos of me helping with the shower block at Quinlans...


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