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11th October 2016

11 October 2016 –


Guess what?  This morning Miss Bennett rescued a little baby bird.   Mum said “what are you doing Miss Bennett” because she was sort of sitting really still and looking worried.  Mum thought it might be a snake, but GUESS WHAT – it was a baby bird that had crash landed in our driveway.

Miss Bennett sort of told Mum to help.

Mum was amazing, picking up the little bird, even though her parents kept swooping and swooping thinking Mum would harm their baby (as if).

Mum sort of climbed a tree and put the baby bird safe on a branch and her Mum and Auntie by the looks of things are keeping a closer eye on her.

Thank goodness.

Good on you Miss Bennett.  Keep an eye out for little baby birds – it is spring time here. 

Just shows that well trained dogs can be good to wildlife.   


7th February 2017

7 February 2017 –

Great news from mum today! She found a story on the computer (my paws aren't great on a keyboard) about dogs learning to live peacefully with Koalas. A dog trainer in Port Macquarie has been asked by ...


26th August 2016

26 August 2016 –

  Honestly how can anyone take Charlie seriously and think that he will be at all useful for Save the Koala Month? Time for serious fundraising - not ripping up teddies in the sun. Goodness...


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