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Dear Minister Ley,

I am writing on the recommendation of the Australian Koala Foundation to let you know I am joining the Koala Army because I want the Koala Protection Act.

The  Koala Protection Act would see Koalas receive the highest level of protection of any animal species in Australian history. In recent times, it has become increasingly clear that existing legislation is incapable of providing the level of protection needed to save the Koala and I am shocked to hear that you have decided to allow the States to administer koala legislation, even though the Senate Report showed they were completely incapable of protecting the koala and its habitat. 

The AKF has taken advice from American legal counsel and the new Koala Protection Act will focus on the Bald Eagle Act which helped to protect the Bald Eagles from extinction. 

It is easy to draw parallels between the Bald Eagle and the Koala; they are both iconic to each country.

The document has been written and I am hoping that you will consider supporting the legislation because it is time that simple and commonsense regulations were put in place to protect koala habitat. I support the AKF and believe you to should want to participate.

I look forward to your comments,


Yours sincerely

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