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BMF Advertising (Australia)
On behalf of Jess Bayfield
for Chair for Chairity

Giada Prest (Switzerland)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Sam & Claire Weber (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Mrs S Kupsch (Australia)

Allison Hickey (USA)

Sharon Nowell (USA)

Dorothy Miller (Australia)

Helen Christiansen (Australia)

Katie Cashman (USA)

Chad Baxter (Australia)

Una J Baird (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Angela MacKinstosh (England)

James & Eugenie Willett (USA)

Debra McWilliams (USA)

Enid Fisher (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Joan Frost (Australia)

Jessica Long (Australia)

Emma Powell (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Kenmore Sth State School (Australia)

Linda Fabian (Australia)
(4 trees for Harrold)

Joan Limon (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Cheryl Williama & Flopsy Parry-Williams (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Doris Dudley (Australia)

Faridah Malai (Malaysia)

Dianne & Russell Wadsworth (Australia)

Sandra Mellor (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Leslie Breackell (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Katherine Louise Hepplestons (England)

Cassandra De Bomford (Australia)

Yayoi Kaneko (Japan)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Helga Wiesner (Germany)
For Taree Jarrah & Binnacle Clearview
(2 trees for Harrold)

Jonathan Sauer (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Bloomfield Street News (Australia)

Central Nambour Vet Services (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Zoee Nielsen (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Burnie Bunyip Guides (Australia)

Burnie Jeedara & Narooma Guides (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

1st Brookton Brownie Guides (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Casamento (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Para Vista Preschool – Seven (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

1st Ngunnawal Guides (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Florian Basmajian (USA)

Paula & Shaun Hoskins (England)

3rd Emu Plains Brownies (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Shanthi Joseph (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Rob Nickels (Australia)
For Kara Chippi, a big hearted koala lover & champion for all creatures great & small (2 trees for Harrold)

Heather Chohrach (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Fiona Scott (Australia)
In celebration of Steve Fergusons 30th birthday!

Weinzettl Family (Austria)

Erica & Grace (USA)
(4 trees for Harrold)

Earthsavers Club (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Susan & Randy Byerly (Australia)
Merry Christmas from Ashley and Brendan

Hayley Lofthouse (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

M J Klein (USA)
In memory of my foster koala, Jasmine. You will be forever in my heart.

Alison Smith (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Joy Webster (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Claudia Grant (Australia)
In memory of Emilie, my beautiful and beloved Maman

Mr Mitsuru Tamura (Japan)

Mr Kenji Totsuka (Japan)

Addyson Denise Ritter (USA)

Chris Parry (Australia)
In memory of Roy Close. Here's cheers good mate from Cheryl and Chris

Fay Bromfield (Australia)
(4 trees for Harrold)

Jonas Sjovall (Sweden)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Jade Dingle (Australia)
School Project Grade 3

George Siler (USA)

Kerry Andersen (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Elizabeth 'Betty' Andersen, my Mum

Anita Hamekasi (Canada)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Saskia Haxhi (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Zachary Klieman (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Martin Palamarz (Sweden)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Jenny Karlsson (Sweden)
To Pierre for a happy life

Lucas Alexopoulos (Canada)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Kelly Hageman (USA)

The Besnard Family (Australia)
(4 trees for Harrold)

Ursula Hansen (Germany)

Andrea Peloso (Canada)
In memory of Violet Julia Lake – you breathe

Tom Berg (USA)
Happy Birthday! I planted a tree for a koala in your name. From Kim.

Aaron & Stella Hend (Australia)

Doug Stewart (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
This is a gift from Jasmine Moseley

William Robert Corcoran (Australia)
(4 trees for Harrold)
To commemorate your Christening Day from Aunty Emma and Uncle Chris

S'Le'Enat Davidson (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Toddlers 4 Koalas, Collin Sterling (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Kerri Anne Doll (USA)

The Burnet School Family (USA)

Caroline Cravens (USA)

Kerry Shepherd (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
This is a gift for Fin Walton for future generations of koalas and kids from Mama

Anna Grace Jordan (USA)
In memory of tHe koalas at Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, SC

Nora Young (USA)

Cathy Rummel (USA)

Owen Fauth (USA)

Mrs Rose-Ferguson (USA)
Thank you for all you have taught me this school year, I really enjoyed being in your class.

Margaret Scrase (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Together we might be able to make a difference for the koalas.

Beth Eggnatz (USA)
For Andrew "The Charmed One" in my life. Happy Birthday

Melody Williams (USA)
Love You from Joanna Looney

Darren Clark (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Karen Blacket (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Tina Connell (Australia)

Katie Smith (Australia)

Amanda Fraser (USA)
A gift that can give again from your Secret Sister

Kathryn Parker (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Dorothy Raymond (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Margaret Warner (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Esma Martin (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Rebecca Reynolds (Australia)

Lyn Mews (Australia)

Jean Pierre Loiseau (France)

Muswellbrook Guides (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Maxine Bawden(Australia)

Margaret Buck(Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Kathleen Amella (England)
In memory of Schultz
(3 trees for Harrold)
Happy Christmas, Mum. From Katie

Katie Amella (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Glenys McPherson (Australia)

Carolyn Dunham (Canada)
(4 trees for Harrold)

Juliette Palazzolo (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Estella Ruby Fliss Glencross (England)

Karol Finch (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Julie Oyston (Australia)

Glendale Montessori School
1st & 2nd Grade, Hal & Terri's Class

Lisa Specchio (USA)

Mr L Randle (United Kingdom)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Ms I Jacobson (Australia)

Lee Nance (USA)

Kenny Dunn (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Joke M Buitenhuis (Netherlands)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Hayley Peters & Alastair Hudd (United Kingdom)

Erin Presson (USA)

Joan Longmore (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Norman Mills (Australia)

Esmi & Miki Dee Doonan (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Rhonda Bast (Australia)

South Surfers News (Australia)

Zillmere News (Australia)

Gawler Newsagency (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

PA Area News (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Thangool News (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Edna Birleson (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Betty Searcy (USA)

Tanya Wenczel
Child of Mother Earth
(2 trees for Harrold)

Jasmin Dorney (United Kingdom)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Bimbimbie Wildlife & Picnic Park (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Cool Maddy Coala (United Kingdom)

Jennifer Parkatti (Canada)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Nikita Turner (USA)

James Conley (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Christine Fawcett (Australia)

Sue-Ann Kabot (Canada)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Julie Riise (Norway)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Donovan Roman (USA)

Cathy Rummel (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Walter Pascavage

Charles Poland (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Adell Slover Poland A mother, wife. planter. lover of god. people and nature from a devoted, blessed and grateful son.

George and Johanna Artz (Australia)
In memory of Keri Artz – thinking of you always

Hannah Renken (USA)

James Sloman (Switzerland)

Mr Masatoshi Moriyama (Japan)

Mr Taro Murofushi (Japan)

Maryann Behari (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas from Tiffany

Maryann Behari (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Barry Watts (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas to you and the koalas from Kate

Fiona Chow (Australia)
Also for Koala, Jr & Sumo from Kenneth Lee

Mary Ziesak (Australia)

Davana Bolton (USA)

Ashley Terlingo (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Brett and Laura Porter (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Wishing you both a Merry Christmas from Natalie

Nina Andersson (Sweden)

Paige and Thomas Kovacs (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Christmas 2006 from Louise and Stephen Kovacs

The Chambers Family (Australia)
(4 trees for Harrold)
Happy Christmas 2006 from Louise and Stephen Kovacs

Jade Louise Mitchell (UK)
In memory of Hollis Cecil Bodie – forever and always

Pauline Margaret Mitchell (UK)
In memory of Hollis Cecil Bodie – forever and always

David Leonard Mitchell (UK)
In memory of Hollis Cecil Bodie – forever and always

Joyce Evelyn Butcher (UK)
In memory of Hollis Cecil Bodie – forever and always

Georgie and Don Phillips-Ferguson (UK)
In memory of David Hoad – with continuing thoughts of your support and friendship

Angela Lee (Australia)
In memory of June Stacey

Darci Cramott (USA)
In memory of Darryl L Cramott, my father. There isn't a day that I don't think of him.

MLD Class, Macedonia Middle School (USA)

R & B Stewart (Australia)
In memory of Bryce Andrew Stewart "The Master". With us every day, love you forever from Dad, Mum, twin brother Kyle and Aunty Laurel

Katie Ballinger (USA)

Holly Arwen Paul (Australia)
Both grow big and strong, all our love from Mummy and Daddy

Megan Anne Barter (Australia)

Louise Lucktaylor (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
In loving memory of my Uncle John
In loving memory of my dearest Uncle Jim- forever in my heart

The Main Savelle Family (USA)

Travis "Koala Lover" Giragosian (USA)
Because you love koalas, a tree is planted

The Allen Family (Australia)
In memory of Lisa Darelene Allen. We love and miss you from Mum, Dad and family

The Rowley Family (USA)

Brigitte Lacroix (Canada)

Marcy Rene Osburn (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Patrick J Brennan (Canada)
(2 trees for Harrold)
From Mary Andrews

Gerry Longthorne (United Kingdom)
Happy Birthday
We are thinking of you, love Lulu

Tyarna Diery (Australia)
Happy Birthday
From Nic, Jason, Jordan & Kodi

Ann James (United Kingdom)
In memory of my father, Jack Connell. My most treasured friend who gave me my first koala and memories that I shall always treasure.

Mr & Mrs S Leo (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Bev Cadioli (Australia)

Olivia Pranzo (USA)

Diane Fletcher (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Rachel Lazar (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Sonali Pai (India)

Rebecca Brewster (Australia)
(4 trees for Harrold)

Christine Harkess (Australia)

Regional Security (NSW) Pty Ltd (Australia)

Anna-Paloma Rijke (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Monique Evrard (Belgium)

Fiona Poole (Australia)

Jacqueline Braunstein (USA)

Martine Paulauskas (Germany)

Olivia Surman, Bree Dohrman
& Mrs Lloyd

John Irwin (USA)

Tamsin Nowell (England)

Hannah Nowell (England)

Judith Eyal (USA)

Karla White (Australia)

Rose Haas (USA)

Zulauf Kunz Family (Germany)

Bianca Turner (Australia)

Maximilian Treschow (Sweden)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Skippy Flink (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Jane Andrews (Australia)

Jean-Marc D'Estree (USA)

People to People Student Ambassadors (Lincoln/Omaha Middle School Delegation) (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Kerry Gilbert (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

4th Glenorchy Guides (Australia)

Roberta Glaser (USA)

Bettie Maxwell (Australia)

Yiangos Kokkinos (Australia)

Kathy De Masi (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Ruth Soulier (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Hawkesbury High School Library (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Karen Gurman (USA)

Callum Thorburn (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Andrea Andrews (Australia)

East Waikiki Primary School
Year 6/7 Class
(2 trees for Harrold)

The Graves Family (Australia)

Diana Dwyer (Australia)

Familie Zulauf Kunz (Germany)

Marta Merrell (USA)

Olga Karlsson (Sweden)

Jackie Schier (USA)

Valeria Ratoni-Nagy (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Miss Rebecca Hanks (USA)

Lee Nance (USA)

Chris Griffith (USA)
for my French favorite, Allison

Aileen Bratton (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Anne Titman (Australia)
In memory of Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter – you will be in our hearts forever

Marie-Claude & Carl Grant (Australia)
In fond memory of Marie-Louise a remarkable woman and a much loved aunt.

Wattleland Pty Ltd (Australia)

Flopsy Parry-Williams (Australia)
Happy Koala Day 2006 from Dad!

Rhonda Kauffman (USA)
In memory of Steve Irwin – you will be missed but not forgotten Steve!

Kathleen Powell (Australia)

Jan Orr (NZ)

Mr Satoru Adachi (Japan)

Mrs Doreen Paton (Australia)
(4 trees for Harrold)

Mr Natale's 4th Grade Class (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Kiri Greenhill (UK)
Happy Birthday from Nicole

Mr Natale's 4th Grade Class (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Nazarena and Casandra Lilletvedt (Norway)
You are contributing to a better world for koalas and people. From Mum

Debbie Litwin (USA)
In memory of Sylvia Rebak. You are with me wherever I go! I love you.

Tania and Shane (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Lulu and Marmalade. Your beautiful spirits will always be in our hearts forever

David Ross (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Ms Tyl & Stevenson School 6th Grade (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Jose & Carmelo Munoz (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Congratulations on your wedding! Sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate. From Sharon Goldstein

The Morales Family (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
In memory of all the beautiful koalas that died in the 2007 fires. We love you and will miss you all dearly.

Sherinah Peck (Australia)
In memory of Jasmine Deane. Beautiful, kind, genuine, loving person – you will be missed.

Anne Seymour (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Jasmine Deane. Always remembered with love and joy

Elainna Crowell (Canada)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Lynette Murrill (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Birthday from Richard, Kyia and Kasota

Ryan McCrary (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
I know your birthday was in May but I wanted to celebrate anyway! I miss you so much and can't wait to see you. You are helping koalas by planting trees for their habitat. I love you! from Auntie Angie

Glenys Kotzur (Australia)
You helped save a koala! From Courtney

Nicholas Kotzur (Australia)
You helped save a koala! From Courtney

Kristian Maletta (Australia)
Way to go Green! From your sister

Erin Adams (Canada)
In memory of Mrs Owens

Linda Mandin (United Kingdom)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Birthday from Julie Hopkins

In memory of Joy Wright (Australia)
For a wonderful sister and aunt from Champ, Tina, Natalie, Toni and Cameron

Hiroyuki Baba (Japan)

Elizabeth Kuttler (USA)
E.M. Thanks for saving my kind! From Your Koala

Louis Wilberding (USA)

Gunnar Barkman (Sweden)
God Jul from Christina Barkman

Linda Rowland (Australia)
Thanks for the pleasure of your friendship from Lynn J

Nana & Pop Hora (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Wishing you both a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. From Mark

Lance & Val (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Wishing you both a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. From Mark and Chris

Jane and Mary (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Merry Xmas from all the koalas everywhere! From Cari

Kerry Eeckman (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
For Joan, Bruce and Ria McLean

Victoria Jennison (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)
Have an Aus-some Christmas!! From Aussie Amy

Marissa Huth (USA)
Happy Birthday from Isabella Przybylski

Joanne & Benicio Infantes (USA)

Riley Holloway (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Birthday Riley! You are helping koalas in Australia with these trees for their habitat. I love you so very much and can't wait to see you! from Auntie Angela

Xavier Wrenn (USA)

Scott and Terry Provan (Australia)
Happy Birthday Mimi love from SKEN

Courtney Kotzur (Australia)

In memory of Abuelita Dolores Sevilla (USA)
This is a present for you so you know that I really do love you. From your Nieto, Benicio Infantes

Griffin Lange (USA)

Ann-Marie O'Callaghan (Australia)

Max & Betty Whelpton (Australia)

Jennifer Baram (USA)

Mitte Blomqvist (Sweden)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Judy Smith (Australia)

Joan & Dan Zelinski (USA)
Merry Christmas from Allison Whitler

Blaise Kutzer (USA)
Merry Christmas from Mommy and Adam. You planted a tree for koalas!

Miss Drew Elise Mount (USA)

Sophia Andrews (USA)

Rebecca Harris (Australia)
You're now 17! Love and best wishes on your birthday from Joe and Maddie

Ian McGuire (USA)

Kelly Gamble (Australia)

Tim Hudson (Australia)

Antonio (United Kingdom)
Per i koalini affamati from Vittoria

In memory of William (Bill) Francis Russell (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)
Cherished husband of Pam, loving father of Andrew, Peter and Louise

In memory of Elizabeth Miller (Australia)
Rest in Peace. From Janine, Jeff, Sarah Jane, Alison and Rita

Kerry Eeckman (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
For Sally, Bruce, Keira, Kyle, Kirby, Kassy and Macca McLean

Ella Deardorff (USA)
Merry Christmas to the girl who loves koalas with all her heart. From Mommy and Daddy

Becky & Steve (USA)
Happy 1st wedding anniversary. Love from Jo, Paul and Amber

Mary Ann Tyl (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Lynette & James Roberts (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Izzy Culver (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Mary Jo Adams (USA)

Erin Moorhead (Canada)

Jacque Price (USA)

Aaron LeVene (USA)

The Hall Family (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Lisa Waters (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Thomas (Australia)
To remember our Australian trip in March 2008. From Ruth

Gabriel Duncan (USA)
Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. From Shawna Murland.

Delys Hallam (Australia)
A tree planted in loving memory of my mum. From Darren, Jani and Donny Hallam.

Winston and Clancy (Australia)
My eldest and my youngest. Sleep peacefully together my darlings. From Mum.

Riley Lee (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

A tree for your stuffed koala. From Uncle Ken.

Lilly Mollencott (USA)

Marianne and Rodger (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Congratulations on your engagement. From Kylie Ferguson

In memory of Bill Wilson (Australia)
May this tree rrepresent how strong you were in life. From Deborah, Lou, Robert, Rebecca and Cameron

Rod Sell (Australia)
Happy Father's Day

Adam Haxhi (Australia)
Happy Father's Day from Emma and Tibbie

Peter Martin Wigant (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Jan (Taipei Backpackers) (Taiwan)
Happy Birthday from Sinhui

In memory of Con Paris (Australia & Greece)
(2 trees for Harrold)
To Helen's Dad – Rest in Peace. From Linda Kirschbaum

Stuart Thomas (Australia)
Celebrate and save koalas. From Amy Thomas

Paul Dalligan (Australia)
In memory of Maureen Dalligan – akways thinking of you

Tariq Arif (USA)
Your Eidi is helping a cutel litte koala. From Nadia

Jackie Brown (Australia)
In memory of all the little ones we are already too late to help. Keep fighting so will we.

Sir Peter Derham (Australia)
In recognition of his services to the Australian Koala Foundation.

In memory of Medea (Australia)
Loving Companion. From Sandy

Richard & Ruth Bradley (Australia)
A very Happy Christmas from Paul and Irene

Janet Hillier (Australia)
A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Loris

Dad & Rhonda (Canada)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Merry Christmas from Stuart, Mel, Thommo, Cairo & Merlin

Jan Brunckhorst (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

The Baumsten Family (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Nick Harrison (USA)
A very Merry Christmas Nick. From Mom

Anne and Lars Gelhausen (Australia)

Del Bryant (UAustralia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Nan Hora (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Wishing you all the very best for the silly season. Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year. From Mark Hora

Lynn, Che' & Shaun (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)
Wishing you all the very best for the silly season. Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year. From Mark Hora

Priscilla Joy Olivia James (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Birthday!! You will help tons of koalas. From Essie

Hannah Marshall (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Judi Neumann (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Warwick Burnet (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Peter Vanek (USA)
Happy Birthday from Mom & Dad

Xu Xue Fei (China)

Tabatha Needham (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

In Memory of all koalas killed in the bushfires and my dogs and cats who have passed (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
I will see you in the Rainbow Bridge. I will be there for and with you. From your lovable, friendly friend & Mommy …. Miss Carol xoxoxoxo

Rosalyn M Kuss (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Lu Lu Bennett (Hong Kong)
Happy Birthday from Sam

Tamika Jasmin Rose Burkhill (Australia)

Mrs Greenhaigh (Canada)
Thanks for being the best teacher ever!!! Have a great summer. From Blake Gilpin

In memory of Carole Barclay (Australia)
Your nurturing spirit will live on in our hearts and Harrold's Forest. From Jacquie & Keith Allen

Kynzie and Kelsey Gray (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
From Dad and Shanna

Miss Gina Vlahos (Australia)

Katie Indianna Morris (Australia)

Chororos-Ristovski Family (USA)

Daniel, Kate and Jenny (Australia)

In memory of Ray O'Dowd (Australia)
A wonderful man who loved the bush and all creatures big and small. From Christine and Derek Buckley

In memory of Rueben Hore (Australia)
For Valma Hore – a living tree is being planted in Dad's memory to help koalas. Gone but not forgotten. From Boyd Hore

Ryl Kooy (Australia)

Diane Head (United Kingdom)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Samantha Katherine Zander (USA)
Happy Birthday Samantha! From Mom and Dad

Kim Matthews (United Kingdom)
Happy Birthday! Lots of love from Hayley & Scruff

Zoe Polous (Australia)
Happy 10th Birthday from Eleni

Sarah Deutsch (Australia)
Happy 10th Birthday from Eleni Bradley

Christopher Edward Green (United Kingdom)
Koala can now live on tree! From Sarbear

Miss G B Woodings (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

In memory of my cat, Lissy (Bulgaria)
(3 trees for Harrold)
From Mimi and Vili

Julie Kiss (Australia)
A gift that keeps on giving and saves koalas. From you Secret Santa

Justin Ludmer (USA)

Chris (Canada)
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Koala from Tanya and Max

Anton and Saskia (Canada)
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Koala from Tanya and Max

Marie-Reine Patenaude et Serge Rivest (Canada)
Joyeux Noel et bon koala from Max and Tanya

Pam (New Zealand)
Love you lots and happy Christmas, Mum. From Dianna

Year 4/5/6 O Urangan Point Primary School (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

In memory of David Arthur Waldon (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Miss you Pop. From Lauren

Colin and Rhonda Thompson (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas! From Stuart and Mel

Geoff and Kel (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas! From Stuart and Mel

Tina Hansen (Canada)

Dk Nurul Bari'ah Pg Hj Asri (Brunei Darussalam)

David Meikle (USA)

Ava Miles (USA)

Miss G D Beckitt (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Claire Louise Dunkley (Australia)

Catherine Boisvert (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Keri Stock & Tommy Moreno (USA)

Ludovic, Georges, Oliver & Peita Patry (Switzerland)

Natasha Ngan (Australia)

Adam Dow (Australia)

David Parker (Australia)

Senopati Hardjowijono (Australia)

The Tsicalas Family (Australia)

Kate Ridgway (Australia)

Louie Papas (Australia)

D J Rathore (Australia)

Nathan Kokoszka (Australia)

Diana Tomkins (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Catherine Pease (USA)
Have a fantastic 11th Birthday. From Mikayle Harper

Moniek van Duin (Australia)
Happy Birthday lief, In naam van jou is er een boompje geplaatst voor de koalas in Oost Australie!

Olivia & Eve (Australia)

Alaysha Biagioni (Australia)

Steven Zakos (Australia)
Sorry I doubted you 🙂 From Cassie McMillan

Lynda Foran (Australia)

Nicole Atkins (Australia)

Anita Minett (Australia)

Hareem Ather (Australia)

Rosemarie Ferrer (Australia)

Shruti Bose (Australia)

Vy Suen (Australia)

Patrick Helmich (Germany)
Welcome to your dream! From Lydia

Elsa Ribeira (Australia)

Earl Daniels (Australia)

Joseph Gozum (Australia)

Vicki Jennison (US)
No Tree, No Me! From Amy Crenshaw

Valerie & Doug Welch (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)
Thanks for a wonderful trip. From Jay and Linda

Richard Middleton (Australia)

Niki Scalmer (Australia)

Tan Nguyen (Australia)

Martha Bourgois (Australia)

Emma Rose Whittle (Australia)
To you and all Kenny's friends, Happy Christmas from Auntie Al

Mami (Germany)
Liebe Mami, auch wenn du noch nicht selbst in Australien wast, schenke ich dir zumindest schon mal einen. Baum in Australien. Damit rettest du koalas. Nun kann eine kleine Koala Familie auf diesen Baum. From Zwergnase

Dr Jim & Heather O'Keefe (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Christmas 2010 – a symbolic gift for our fragile planet and koalas

Kim & Michael Rabbidge (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Christmas 2010 – a symbolic gift for our fragile planet and your love of gardens



































Claudia Hughes (USA)
In honour of my beautiful, loving mother from Jenn Gerow

Lois Bullivant (Australia)

Shirley Bulmer (Australia)

Dylan, Eric and Max O'Grady (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Chiara McDonald (USA)
Happy Birthday from Jack Mete

Jean Williams (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Mother's Day from Cheryl

Sarah Patterson (USA)

Anna Patterson (Australia)
In memory of Ginger – I miss you

McKenzie Baker (USA)

Ms Graciete Negron (USA)

Heron Creek Primary (USA)
(4 trees for Harrold)

Alfie Rowan (United Kingdom)

Lily Zimmermann (USA)

Nicolas James Shishido (USA)

Nancy Caroselli (Australia)
From Chris Parry

Voula Rigas (Australia)
From Chris Parry

The de Bomford Family (Australia)
From Chris Parry

Troy and Lucy Alexander (Australia)
You helped save the koalas by planting a red gum becasue they eat red gum leaves. From Grandma and Grandpa

Janice Lock (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas, Mum. Love from Belinda

Dee Ferguson (Australia)
To a wonderful grandmother and person. I love you. Merry Christmas from Kylie Ferguson

Sue Notley (Australia)

Nikky Tsang (Australia)
Happy Christmas from Finance Secret Santa

The Johnstone Family (Australia)
Merry Christmas

Sarah Couder (USA)

Mark Genner (Australia)
Got to keep the koalas alive. From Kelly

In memory of Shay Lee Hill (Australia)
My best friend who I miss dearly every day. From Mum

Kathie Hill (Australia)
You are the best mum ever. Love you lots. From your daughter TH.

Madeline Teece (USA)

Simon Bird (Australia)

Leonie Hannam (Australia)

The Weeks Family (USA)

Malta Montessori School (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Elsa Risso Capurro de Bueno (Peru)
En memoria tuya from Ana Cussinet y Familia
(2 trees for Harrold)

Joseph Champagne (USA)

Amanda Diegel & Joseph Miller (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Wendy Price (Australia)

Martin Cedergren (Sweden)
Harry B-day. From The Man with the Hat.

Kirsten Loder (Australia)

Walton Bridge The Gap Brownies (Australia)

Osker (USA)
Happy Birthday! Love, Frank & Sally

Candace Powning (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

God's blessings to you, Candace ! From The Coopers (Jamie, Julia, Dylan, Keith and Kathy)

Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! From The Kadmon Family

Mike Meyer (Germany)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Fumiko Kaneko (Japan)

Chris and John Tarbuck (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Pamela Forrest (Australia)

Sammy Bradie (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

The Rickett Family (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Deborah Sims (New Zealand)

Steve Ray (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Another Happy Father's Day. From Linda

Mr & Mrs Ben Turner (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Congratulations and every best wish for your future together. Just like your trees, may your marriage grow stronger, nurture yo uand be a haven for you always.

Felix (Australia)
Happy First Birthday. From Harvey

Evie (Australia)
Happy First Birthday. From Harvey

Dal Zotto Family (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Craig Dabinet (Australia)
To always offset the pizza oven carbons – Merry Christmas from Kris Kringle a.k.a. Al

Val Atoni-Nagy (USA)

Peter William Sutton (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Dennis Irving (Australia)
In recognition of his support to the Australian Koala Foundation Field Teams.

In memory of Kelly Lillwitz (USA)
Kelly, please watch over the koalas. From your sister Anna.

Krystal Charlton (Australia)
Merry Christmas 2008 from Tara Downey

Katrina Schmitke (Australia)
Merry Christmas – You helped save a koala. From Tara Downey

In memory of Fred Scott (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Thank you for your strength, your wisdom, your love and your wit. You are forever in our hearts Pa. With love from Amanda and Ryan

Diane Redman-Heath (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Mr Kenneth Myles (9/5/98) also in recognition of the marriage of Miss Diane Patricia Redman to Mr Peter Robert Heath (4/3/89) and Miss Patricia Dorothy Atherton to Mr Kenneth Myles (10/2/51)

Pam and Brian Frost (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Wishing you all the very best for the silly season. Looking forward to seeing you both in the New Year. From Mark Hora

Ginger, Harvey, Paula and Peter (Australia)
(4 trees for Harrold)
Wishing you all the very best for the silly season. Looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year. From Mark Hora

In memory of the February 2009 Bushfire (Sweden)
I am so sad and hope the people who lost their homes feel better soon. From Mikael Johansson and family in Sweden

Susan Khoo (Malaysia)

In memory of all the koalas who died during the Victorian bushfires (Australia)
From Stefano Campion

Kerry Buitendag (South Africa)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy 18th Birthday, Kerry. Your trees will provide a home for endangered koalas. You can visit them one day! We love you. From Em and Dave xx

In memory of Rosemarie Blanchard (USA)
We miss you! From Louise-Ann, Jim and Chris

Kirsten McGregor (Australia)
(4 trees for Harrold)
From Brett McGregor

cara, Theresa, Annika, Carly, Caroline, Katelyn (USA)

Pam Hunter (New Zealand)
Happy Mother's Day from Dianna xx

In memory of Alan Hawkins (Australia)
Happy birthday Dad, gone but forever in our hearts. From Liz and Chris xxxx

Debbie and Tim Kelly (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

The Fouts Family (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Lily Redd (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Melanie Siegert (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Sammy Larkin (USA)
(4 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Magda "Baba" Szintay (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)
You became a special and much loved friend. From Georgie, Don & Lilla

Lisa Marshall (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
To celebrate the life you just brought into this world, my gift to you is to plant 2 trees on your behalf. From Be

Deb & Lil (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
A tree from each for the koalas. From Jim

Kelly Ophel (Australia)

Alli Ulrich (USA)

In memory of Tony Barnes (Australia)
A bloke who loved Australia and everything Australian. From Sall, Boyd and Sarah Hore

Barbara Beaudot (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Dakota Harris (Australia)
Happy Birthday from Aunty B and Uncle Connor xx

Angel Stratton (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Chloe Watts (Australia)

Meagan Butler (Australia)

Matthew Dodd (United Kingdom)

Aden Brooks Cuthbert (Australia)
No tree, no me. From Maz & Ian

Breanna Cate Harris (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy First Christmas from Milly and Myke

Carolyn Scott (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Katie Herbert (Australia)
Love and hugs from Kym and Lesley

Emma Crouch (USA)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From Grandma and Grandpa in Lincoln

Hope you and the koalas have a Merry Christmas! We love you, Uncle Jom and Aunt Susanna

We love you, Emma! Save the koalas! From Mon and Dad
(2 trees for Harrold)

Thibault, Sylvain, Ryo, Ben et Dalia (Canada)
Joyeux Noel et bon koala from Max and Tanya

Simon, Carl, Charles et Ludovic (Canada)
Joyeux Noel et bon koala from Max and Tanya

Claude Rochette (Canada)
Joyeux Noel et bon koala from Max and Tanya

Bronwyn, Glen, Grace and Jack Guthrie (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Eco-Christmas! Hope you might be able to go and visit your trees! From Fran, Rich, Louise and Annabel

Mikey, Fiona, Reichen and Asher (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas! From Stuart and Mel

Lola (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas! From Stuart and Mel

Wendy and Mike (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas! From Stuart and Mel

In memory of David Nunns (Malta)
We plant a tree in memory of our dear cousin, David, whose wonderful smile touched everyone's hearts. From your Australian family – Christine, Derek, Penelope, Andrew and Lucinda

Gabriella P Reyes (USA)

Lucia Saura (Belgium)

Helen Evans (Australia)

Toni Hankins (Australia)

Monika Mirkovic (Australia)

Sonia Kamboj (Australia)

Mark Shugg (Australia)

Rosina Mishriky (Australia)

Joe Brogna (Australia)

Nicole Ashe & Mark Wallis (Australia)

In memory of Janet Marie Koselke (USA)
I love and miss my grandma Janet and I love koalas!! From Jasmyn Lorene Koselke

Kirby Orr (Australia)
Happy Birthday LC, lots of love BC. From Sandy McDonnell

Jessie Gretener (Australia)

In memory of Nanny Doreen (Australia)
Miss you and love you loads for ever and ever. From Rosie

Michael Butterman (USA)

Koala BJJ & David Statter (Israel)

Darren Sherwood (Australia)
Just because your you. Love from Sherelle xx

R T Johnson (USA)
Happy Birthday from Sharon Bays

Lucian Battaglia (Australia)
Happy 4th Birthday with love from Grandma Lyn and Grandad Des xx

Brett Parker (Australia)

Site Tuaopepe (Australia)

Daniel Booth (Australia)

Lauren Fonseca (Australia)

Tony Mann (Australia)

Anna Shorokhova & Sante Granata (Australia)

Yasuko Kikuchi (Australia)

Summy Chung (Australia)

Nicholas Galanis (Australia)

Joan Hilder (New Zealand)

Leela & Jade (Australia)

Mara Page (Australia)

Joseph Chan (Australia)

Perry Cecilio (Australia)

Barbara Robinson (Australia)

Gertrud Richter (Australia)

Katy Carlson (USA)

Chloe Baxter (Australia)

Kara Nash (Australia)

The Hyne Family of Gladstone (Australie)
(3 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas to you all – we are thinking of you. From Jennifer, Jonathan, Sonya and families.

Pam Mercy (Australia)

Kim Blackwell (Australia)

Angela Hudson (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Glynis Gaskell (United Kingdom)
Happy Christmas. Hope you can visit your tree one day! From Melody and Dan

The James Family (Australia)

Phillip Blackwell (Australia)



Kathleen M Eagen (USA)

Animal Sunshine LLC (USA)

Clara Bay (USA)

Jene Calway (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Claude Boulanger (Canada)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Cynthia Camiot (Canada)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Madeleine Chellas (France)

Patti Donaldson (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Alex, Anthony and Finn (Australia)
Congratulations on Finn's Christening from Suzie and Tom

Diane Senffner (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Robbie McCrary (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Birthday! Thanks for helping the koalas. Good on ya Mate!. Call me if you need a translation. I love you from Auntie Angie

In memory of Richard Rose (USA)
with love from Sonya

In memory of Jim Lehr (USA)
with love from Maurice and Sonya

In memory of Bruce Davis (USA)
with love from Maurice and Sonya

Isabelle and Brady Biglin (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Mishka (Australia)
Beloved pet from Caroline and Aziza

The Blanchford Family (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Emi Uchida (Japan)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Binell Martino (USA)
Merry Christmas, Mom! Love from Jennifer

In memory of Mollie Kordel Antz (USA)
The most wonderful grandmother from Susan Fletcher

In memory of Iris Sherwood (Australia)
A dear friend who love koalas, from Lynn Jones

In memory of Gerry (United Kingdom)
Love and miss you, you're in my thoughts. From Lulu

In memory of Audrey Doris Meaker (Australia)
Best friend and mum. From Debbie

In memory of the koala that died on the motorway at Robina (Australia)
From Amy and Shaun Potton

Riley Holmquist (USA)

Phyllis Anne Kelley (USA)

Jade Stephi Isabella & Mark (Australia)
Lots of love & Cuddles – Auntie Teresa Uncle Christien Aiden & Marley

In memory of Hazel and Cedric Heath (Hong Kong)
From Rita McClellan
(2 trees for Harrold)

Doga Ozesmi (USA)

The Sanders Family (USA)

Jarrod Michael Williamson (Australia)
On hehalf of a 7 year old koala lover who cried when he heard they were becoming extinct. From Mum and Dad

Mrs. Novak's 2nd Grade Class – Garden Street Elementary (USA)
Thanks for teaching us how to help others from Megan Campbell and Family

Kath and Chris (Australia)
To celebrate the birth of Callum Ernest John, with wishes that someday he will have the fun of spotting a koala in his own gumtree. From Helen and Andrew

St Paul the Apostle School (USA)
Trees for Koalas. From First Grade 2008

Annalisa Rossi (Italy)
A couple of new trees for an Italian Koala. From Federico

Martin Firrell (Australia)
"I have no fear of losing my life – if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangeroo or a snake, mate, I will save it." – Steve Irwin. From Kelly and Kyle

Mattia (Italy)
For my litte tree. From Vany

Caroline Cook (Australia)

Ms Laura J Promin (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Simon Rothery (Australia)
Happy Father's Day from Jamie

Rod Giblett (Australia)
Happy Father's Day. Love from Michelle and Suzanne

Nicola Mullins (Australia)
Happy Birthday from Suzanne, Lance and Emily

Greer Furmage (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Happy Father's Day SG. Hope you have a wonderful day. Love from Andi, Roo, Sasha and Cleo

Mimi Willow Ilona James (United Arab Emirates)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Congratulations on your christening – 28th September 2008. From Richard, Nadia, Josh and George

Caroline Newton (Australia)

Astrid Acevedo (France)
For the koalas – this fascinating animal. I want you to be alive and in good health!

Mrs Peggy Ringrose (Canada)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Happy Birthday Mom, love you lots!. From Andrew, Amanda and Cara

Mrs Lyons 2nd Grade Class (2008-2009) (USA)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Jessielea Skillicorn and Harry Hoy (Australia)

Keith and Gill Bradley (Australia)
A very happy, happy Christmas from Irene and Paul

T Hill (Australia)
You're beautiful, all my love from Deb

Evie Estabrook (USA)
From Auntie Bobbi

EJ & P Morgan (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)

Mim Lowe (Australia)
Happy Birthday, Mim. You can visit your tree in Noosa Nation Park one day with your boys (big and Small!) From Lorna and Pete

Braedon (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Merry Xmas Pal from the best little sister in the world!

Jennifer Kirsch (USA)

In memory of my mother Patricia Bolitho (Australia)
All that I am or hope to be, I owe to you my angel mother. From your daughter Lyn

Dad and Val (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Wishing you all the very best for the silly season. Looking forward to seeing you both in the New Year. From Mark Hora

Roberto & Grace Di Denia (New Zealand)

Kanchan, Sharmila, Radhika & Tummy (Australia)
God Bless us All

Lucy and Phil (USA)
Happy Birthday, Guys. From Steve, Georgia, Sophie, Bernard & Dilys

Aditi Kogekar (Australia)

Yuko Rigby (Australia)

Jenny Braun (Australia)

Scott Mehaffey (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
I got us both a tree, decided to do something meaningful to show how much I love you… and I know you like koalas. From Amy Hendicott

Raymond Temple (Australia)

Shannon & JP McCann (Australia)
Instead of a baby shower gift, here is a gift for a baby koala. From Kimbla and Jacqui

Maureen Moran (United Kingdom)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Aussie Mother's Day. All our love always. From Chris and Liz xxx

Sylvia Hawkins (United Kingdom)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Aussie Mother's Day. All our love always. From Chris and Liz xxx

Gwendoline Sibbett (USA)

Fiona Melvin (Australia)

Johanna Joyce (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Daya Salter (Australia)

Beanie Pernoll (USA)

Anna Bruslik (Poland)

Laurent Muller (France)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Plantez des arbres, sauvez les koalas et SBB in der Schwizzz!

Nesita and Grandulon (United Kingdom)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Birthday! Ahora 2 arbolitos para que vivan mas los koalas. From Grandulon

Donna M Flynn (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Belated Birthday Mom! From Victoria Flynn

John Tracey (Ireland)
In memory of Sam the Koala. Loved by all.

Marie-Pier Arsenault (Canada)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Alysha & Owen Scarlett (Australia)
Love Aunty B and Uncle Connor xx

Erin Pearson (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Anniversary from Jeff Pearson

Kenneth Lee (USA)

Evan Nodell (USA)

Noah Nodell (USA)

Jemimah Lambert (Australia)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Cei

Lynne Lambert (Australia)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Cei

Richard Lambert (Australia)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Cei

Phoenix and Savannah (USA)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Marttie and Jack

Ruth Charters (Australia)
For Wobert – I have a vibe you like these little dudes

Adam Wenczel (Australia)
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Koala from Tanya and Max

Mumalina (Australia)
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Koala from Tanya and Max

Peter, Vanessa and Mikayla (Canada)
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Koala from Tanya and Max

Denis et Shirley (Canada)
Joyeux Noel et bon koala from Max and Tanya

Patrice and Laurence (Canada)
Joyeux Noel et bon koala from Max and Tanya

Megan, John, Amelia, Thomas, Oliver and James Pitcher (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Eco-Christmas! Hope you might be able to go and visit your trees! From Fran, Rich, Louise and Annabel

Sally & Max Brummell and David & Melinda Goff (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Save the Koalas from Matt, Molly, Maisy and Maddox

Lara, Sam, Toby and Lachlan (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Eco-Christmas! Hope you might be able to go and visit your trees! From Fran, Rich, Louise and Annabel

Maureen & Allan Piper (Australia)
From Moya & Graeme Reid

Geraldine Moody (USA)
Merry Christmas in January to you and the koalas!! From Gregory Matyjasik

Magdalena Drysdale (USA)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas 2009 – Save the Koalas. From Aunt Kerstin Uncle Bruce

Tilly Southwood (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)
Happy Birthday. From Julia Streames

Luzmar Eckmeyer (The Netherlands)
As you tell me to: money naar een goed doel, let's save the koalas! Bij dezen wordt er een eucalyptusboom gepland voor de koalas, voor jou. Biggy-hug van je girl! xx

Juan Koen (Australia)

Barbara Tane (Australia)

Pauline Yue (Australia)

Katie Lui (Australia)

Liliya Aziz (Australia)

Molly Ayers-Lawler (Australia)
Happy Birthday you little hippie! From Abby Barbala

Enrique Casillas (USA)
May peace and love bless you… and the little koalas. From Dulce

Cherie Sadler (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Birthday from Jordy and Caitlin xx

Annie Fleming-Gale (Australia)
Happy Mother's Day from Jacob Fleming-Gale

In memory of Baby McGregor (Australia)
"Sweet, little flower of heavenly birth …. you were too fair to bloom on earth". From Brad, Bex & Kaiya

In memory of Phoebe the goat (USA)
Phoebe was really a wonderful goat. From Rosemary T

Leslie Hung (Canada)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Happy Birthday, Mom. From First Born

Jo-Anne Kocian (United Kingdom)

Richard & Lizelle Lumb (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)
Happy 5th wedding anniversary (wood) from Dad and Mum Schabort

David Mahon (Australia)

Shashank Gautam (Australia)

Sandra Tembo (Australia)

Andrew Pignone (Australia)

D Fowler (Australia)

Enid R Hulls (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

Katherine Buckland (Australia)

Inga Mueller (Australia)

Richard Alexander Saye (United Kingdom)
To my tree on his 25th birthday. All my love, always, from his koala. From Jean-Marie Wood x

Robert Findlay (Australia)

Stephen Connolly (Australia)

Joyce Liu (Australia)

Kate Mountstephens (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

In memory of our beloved cat Pusha (Australia)
You will always be in our hearts. From Nat & Alex

University of Queensland, Ipswich Library (Australia)
(3 trees for Harrold)

The Christiansen Family (Australia)
(2 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas to you all – we are thinking of you. From Jennifer, Jonathan, Sonya and families. Caterina Corvin (Canada)
Christmas 2010 – a symbolic gift for our fragile planet and koalas

Partridge Family (New Zealand)
Christmas 2010 – a symbolic gift for our fragile planet and koalas

Krysia, Ross, Jack & Harry Woods (USA)
Christmas 2010 – a symbolic gift for our fragile planet and koalas




Michael Jones(Australia)
Some lovers carve their initials in trees, as hippies we can't do that so I've planted a tree in honour of my love for you.  From Erin Vanderfeen

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