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Lindt and the Australian Koala Foundation

Introducing the Sweetest Partnership: Lindt and the Australian Koala Foundation For every Lindt KOALA sold, Lindt will generously donate $1 to the Australian Koala Foundation. The Australian Koala Foundation is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Lindt,...

The Koala Manifesto

If you cannot save the Koala, you cannot save anything.The Koala Manifesto calls for ten key actions that will need to happen to save the Koala, save its habitat, and in turn save thousands of other animals and fundamentally change our relationship with nature. Author...

AKF’s Key Documents

Imagine - Key Chapters 4. The Fur Trade 5. Current Legislation is failing to protect Koalas 6. Urban Development is failing to protect Koalas 7. There is no such thing as a Koala-friendly road 8. Mining 9. How did this Koala get chopped in half? 12. Is Government...

Is it too late for Noosa’s Koalas?

Last week AKF staff visited Noosa National Park where we were lucky enough to see a young Koala in a tree in the car park, apparently one of only a few left in the area. There were many surfers fascinated by that Koala instead of the huge waves they had come to ride....

Koala Habitat Atlas – further information

  By looking closely at the way Koalas use the bush we have learnt a great deal about the preferential use of tree species by Koalas, as well as their social and home ranging behaviour. Koalas are incredibly habitat specific. The Australian bush is a mosaic of...

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