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Book – Ace Guide to Eucalypts


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This book covers 37 eucalypt species found in Brisbane’s bushland reserves. There is one naturalised eucalypt (Cadaghi, Corymbia torelliana) and 36 local species. Rather encouragingly, the introduction promises that most eucalypts can be identified at a glance once the eye is trained.The introduction gives an overview of the eucalypts of the Brisbane Region, their distribution and habitat types. Importantly, Aboriginal knowledge of eucalypts is acknowledged, and names of eucalypts are provided in local language.

It includes:

1) An introduction to the eucalypts and environments of BCC

2) A guide to identifying eucalypts and using this book

3) How to find koalas and which trees they like to eat

4) Profiles of the 37 species (see below for example) with high resolution photos, grouped into easily identified trees with similar characters. Text provides a guide to habitat, location within the area and highlights the key differences with related species. The indigenous names of the tree species are provided

5) Lists of all the species in each Brisbane City Council reserve, with map of reserves

6) A summary of aboriginal uses of eucalypts

Alphabetical ordering makes it easy to quickly flick through the book to find a species, and the highly visual photographic layout, with succinct descriptions, makes it easy to judge the size, scale and detail of eucalypt features.
Lastly, this lightweight book is a handy size (like a tall pamphlet) to take into the field. It has a map and quick-reference list to help you find particular species in Brisbane’s bushland reserves.

The author is Roderick Fensham, a botanist at the University of Queensland and the Queensland Herbarium with a broad experience researching the flora and vegetation of Australia.

11.5x22cm in size



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