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Adopt Peace & Harmony

$30.00 / month

Peace and her beautiful joey Harmony live in the serene and semi-rural suburb of Brisbane West. Brisbane West is renowned for its quiet atmosphere with an abundance of acreage properties. However, like any residential suburb, comes the roaring of cars and barking of dogs, one of the biggest threats to koalas. Over 4000 koalas are killed each year by cars and dogs and it is important to recognise the potential risk our pets pose to wildlife, in particularly Koalas and their joeys, just like Peace and Harmony. Koalas are non-aggressive animals and struggle to comprehend aggressive behaviour, making them highly vulnerable to the attack of dogs. Like koalas, dogs can be protective and territorial and due to the mass amounts of habitat clearing, koalas enter backyards and trees of residential properties in search for food. Adopt Peace and Harmony today to raise awareness of the threat cars and pets have on Koalas and remind the community to ensure koalas are kept safe from these harms.



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