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$30.00 / month

Blossom lives in a town in north-eastern New South Wales called Gunnedah. Gunnedah is a well-known mining precinct and mining is one of the leading causes of loss of Koala habitat. Gunnedah calls iteself the Koala Capital of the World. ‘Habitat’ refers to the types of bushland that Koalas like to live in, and believe me, they are fussy! Since European settlement, approximately 80% of Koala habitat  has been decimated and of the remaining 20%, almost none is protected and a large majority is situated on privately owned land. Imagine if someone knocked down your home and you couldn’t get to a shop to buy any food and had no place to sleep.. this is how Blossom and her fellow Koala friends feel, every time another tree is cut down in the name of mining. Habitat loss is the root cause of many problems faced by the Koala today and by adopting Blossom, you are helping to keep her and ker Koala family, in their home.



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