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Adopt Kasper

Kasper is a socially popular joey with a quiet manner and a reserved disposition. Often surrounded by his many Koala buddies within a fortress of leaves, he clearly has a pleasing personality that others appreciate. Seemingly shy within his day-to-day existence,...

Adopt Kaiser

Kaiser is a curious and confident joey who's an A-Grade student when it comes to trying new things. An independent matriarch in the making, she's sure of her position within the Koala colony and already knows how to get her way. Although, she can appear a little...

Adopt Cooper

Cooper is a relaxed and well-rested joey who understands the value of a comfortable branch and a good day's snooze. Blessed with his mother's attractive looks, he's a paparazzi's dream when rostered on cuddle duty and has also been known to expose his naughty and...

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