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The Koala Protection Act

Hello Koala Lovers, Well, I think the Australian people have really spoken to our political leaders with a massive swing away from both parties, and a whole stack of independents (a lot of them women), who, I think, are going to keep our parliaments more open and...


Congratulations Recruits – democracy was in full flight over the weekend for the elections.

The Koala’s Future

Hello Koala Lovers, For regular readers you know that Australia has a federal election coming up on 21st May and a few weeks ago I wrote to the Minister for the Environment Ms. Sussan Ley to release the Koala Recovery Plan so that we, the citizens of Australia could...

Don’t vote for a dill

Hello Koala Lovers, Read below my latest press release for the lead up to the election, and download the 'Koala Army's Guide to Democracy'. Remember - don't vote for a dill! Read my Latest Press Release

Adopt Nellie

Nellie is the Koala equivalent of deja vu. A chip off the old block, her mother Niley was once described as precisely the same when compared to Nellie's grandmother. As a cheeky and playful joey with a big, bold personality, Nellie knows exactly who she is and won't...

Adopt Marlie

Marlie is a self-assured little joey who revels in being naughty by nature. Good whenever she sees fit, Marlie is a wriggler on cuddle duty who enjoys challenging the Paradise Country keepers by bending the rules and pushing her luck. Adored for her plucky, but...

Lessons 3 & 4

Recruits, Welcome lessons 3 & 4 of the 'Koala Army's Guide to Democracy.' Koalas want the Koala Protection Act. But first, the Koala Army must understand HOW to do so. Pidgeon Squadron leader Bill Jr is here to explain how democracy works, and how the Koala...

Koala Mist Mate

DESCRIPTION Cylindrical koala humidifier with adorable 3D ears Cute decor item that soothes dry skin and raspy breaths Choose between constant and intermittent mist settings to suit your space Full tank lasts 5 hrs but automatically turns off after 4 hrs or when empty...

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