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The Quinlan’s Vision

For over twenty years, Peter and Julanne Quinlan were well known within their community as committed conservationists. The nature loving couple were passionate about wildlife and aspired to have their property protected as a wildlife reserve. Peter was an industrial Chemist turned hobby farmer and was previously Chairman of the Keniiworth Chamber of Commerce. Julanne was a trained nurse and keen student, having completed several degrees. The couple generously left their estate (including their 40 hectare bushland home) to the Australian Koala Foundation. The AKF is now able to honour Peter and Julanne’s vision for the property.

The following vision statement is shaped by the overarching AKF mission and goals:

“The Australian Koala Foundation is proud that Quinlans Research Station is a showplace that reflects the values of our organisation and our commitment to protecting landscapes and learning how to live sustainably.”

The vision will be realised via the following broad strategies:

  • Provide educational experiences that promote public awareness in all aspects of the Koala as well as broader environmental sustainability.
  • Maintan and enhance the Quinlan’s natural environment, highlighting it as Koala habitat.
  • Maintain and enhance Quinlan’s built environment to provide improved infrastructure and honour the Quinlan’s bequest.
  • Ensure that Quinlans is operationally managed in a sound and financially viable and responsible manner.
  • Ensure that the landscape is regenerated for the protection of the Koala and all other species in the landscape.

Quinlans Timelapse

AKF Research at Quinlans

AKF Landscape Ecologist Dave Mitchell, and colleagues, head an extensive research project at Quinlans which can in part be read about in recently published scientific papers below. Dave, along with a team of researchers and volunteers made good use of Quinlans’ research station to gather extensive data from the field. Under the protection of AKF, Quinlans is an exciting place for future research aimed at helping the Koala.

Factors confounding koala habitat mapping at multiple decisionmaking scales
Regional variation in forest canopy height and implications for koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) habitat mapping
Remote sensing shows south-east Queensland koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) prefer areas of higher tree canopy height within their home ranges

Dave Mitchell
AKF Landscape Ecologist

Quinlans Vision


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