Sponsorship Opportunities

We love coming up with unique, innovative ways for sponsors to get involved in koala conservation.

Sponsors contribute to a healthier environment and brighter future for one of the world's most cherished species - the koala. At the same time, they enjoy the benefits of being aligned with one of the world's leading conservation organisations - the Australian Koala Foundation.

Our foundation provides an independent voice for the koala and does not accept any government funding. We therefore rely on supportive organisations, projects and individuals around the world.

Our current sponsorship opportunities are summarised below. If you have any further ideas, please give us a call on 61 7 3229 7233 or email [email protected].

Current opportunities available for sponsors


Currently recording over a million hits a month, the Australian Koala Foundation website www.savethekoala.com represents an attractive branding opportunity for the right sponsor. Our supporters come from all walks of life - different disciplines, professions, ages and backgrounds - from all over the world. What they share, however, are similar core values. These include compassion, love and respect for the natural environment, combined with a desire to create a better, more sustainable world. If you share these values, we invite you to contact us and discuss putting your logo on our most popular pages. Please contact us on 61 7 3229 7233 or email [email protected].


Photo Gallery
A single sponsorship opportunity exists for the next 1, 6 or 12 months. In return, the sponsor's logo will be placed at the top of the page along with a link to their website. Interested organisations, businesses or individuals are invited to contact us on 61 7 3229 7233 or email [email protected].

All about Koalas
A single sponsorship opportunity is available on this page for a suitable, ethical sponsor for the next 1, 6 or 12 months. In return, the sponsor's logo will be placed at the top of the page along with a link to their website. For more information please contact us on 61 7 3229 7233 or email [email protected].


KoalaMap is our new online, interactive Koala Habitat Atlas (KHA). KoalaMap shows the reality of the landscape and is unlike any other vegetation map. It shows where koala habitat remains, ranked in order of its suitability for sustaining koala populations now and into the future.

From your home computer, with KoalaMap you can:

  • View any selected land area (from your back yard to a forest) and see a vegetation assessment.
  • View AKF koala population estimates and the percentage of habitat remaining for each Federal electorate.
  • See whether your Federal representative supports the environment.
  • Find out what koala food trees are appropriate for your area.
  • Phase III of KoalaMap will enable the public to assess the carbon value of their trees.
  • Record & view community koala sightings.
  • All absolutely free.

Now KoalaMap is live online, funding is required for daily management and ongoing development. The Sponsor’s name will be displayed on the map in recognition of support of this incredible groundbreaking resource.

The Australian Koala Foundation was recently bequeathed a beautiful and unique 40 hectare bush property at Gheerulla near Kenilworth on the Sunshine Coast. The property was generously left to the AKF as a bequest by the late Peter and Julanne Quinlan. The property which has been aptly named ‘Quinlans, in memory of Peter and Julanne, will make a perfect koala habitat. It is a pristine, beautifully preserved piece of bushland which adjoins a National Park - testimony to their passion for the land. With assistance from our supporters, local conservation and community groups, we will transform Quinlans into a model property for sustainable practices, environmental education and ultimately a safe haven for the Koala. To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact us on 61 7 3229 7233 or email [email protected] To read more about 'Quinlans' click here.


Product Logo Endorsement
Over the years, a number of ethical businesses have partnered with us to develop products suitable for endorsement using the Australian Koala Foundation logo. These businesses experience increased sales as a result of their association with us, consumers know that their purchase is helping koala conservation, and wild koalas benefit. Angove's Bear Crossing Wine is a great example. Anyone interested in exploring product endorsement possibilities should contact us on 61 7 3229 7233 or email [email protected].

'Certified Koala Friendly' label
Our 'Koala Friendly Certification Program' is one of our most innovative projects to date. Initially available to the pastoral industry, this accreditation program aims to do two things: (1) protect koala habitat and general environment values, and (2) afford market recognition for producers whose practices are 'koala-friendly'. The project will soon complete its trial phase, ready to be administered by the Australian Koala Foundation auditors over the long term. Although structured on a 'user pays' basis, we will soon be seeking program sponsors to reduce the cost to producers of participating in the program. Sponsors will be recognised on the web page Eco-label and in promotional material. The sponsor will be recognised on the web page Eco-label, in our magazine (20,000 plus subscribers) and Koala Science News email bulletin. For further information please contact us on 61 7 3229 7233 or email [email protected].

General Sponsorship
Many generous companies have contributed to koala conservation over the years by making financial contributions to the Australian Koala Foundation. To view our current supporters - including corporate sponsors and zoos/sanctuaries - visit our sponsors page. Sponsors are recognised as Gold, Silver, Bronze, Green, Yellow and Supporter. For information on Corporate Sponsorship and details of how the recognition system works, please contact us on 61 7 3229 7233 or email [email protected].