Mr Darcy's Diary

Hi all, You know, Charlie and Lulu just do not get it that Mum has to go to work and save koalas ! I thought Charlie was going to cry when she left this morning. Right now, she's busying organising SAVE THE KOALA MONTH which is every September. This is when all the baby koalas and little birds are being born here in Australia. So, my fellow Golden Retriever families - think of way to help me...
Hi everyone, Mum said that she and everyone else in Australia is waiting to see who how the government forms. I only sort of understand what that means, but I am waiting patiently too. Mum said her and Lulu ( Matilda ) have started planning for 2019 already. Lulu will be a grown-up donkey by then, and Charlie will be a grown up dog, like me! Love, Darcy
Hi everyone! Mum and Lulu ( Matilda ) are reaching the end of their campaign, which is exciting! I thought that meant that Lulu might have time to play more, but Mum said she will still be very busy for years to come. I don't mind, because the most important thing to me is saving the Koala. Read Mum's latest diary entry here. Love, Darcy
Guess what! Mum and Lulu (Matilda) are home! Well, only for a quick stop before they keep going, but it is just so great to see them. The goats were espcially happy to see her, and Lulu was especially happy to be rolling around in the grass. Mum said they've had a great trip so far, but there's a long way to go. Love, Darcy
Hi all, I'm missing Mum and Lulu so much, but I've heard that they're having great success on the road! Lulu might even be on TV... well, Matilda I should say. I hope you're checking for updates.
Hi everyone! Mum and Lulu (Matilda) have only been gone for one day, but I miss them already! I hope you're keeping up to date with their journey. .
Hi everyone, Do you know what, I can finally tell you who our new family member is! It's a donkey!... Well, SHE is a donkey. I have a donkey sister! Her name is Lulu. But, her stage name is Matilda, and her and Mum are hitting the road on June 6 to spread the word about the Koala Protection Act. I'm a bit jealous that she gets to go, but I will look after the house while mum's...
Hi everyone! So excited - mum was interviewed on the TV news on Saturday night and on ABC radio this morning with Steve Austin - I was home so I could hear it. She was talking about the 80% Koala decline in Queensland and you can listen in on the News and Events page. Go Mum!
Hello everyone, No-one has guessed what our new family member is and that is a good thing because it is absolutely top secret. I know that secret though and in a few weeks, I am going to tell you! Over and out, Mr Darcy
Guess what! We got a new friend at home today and her name is Lulu... I am going to get you to guess what she is – her kind begins with a CAPITAL D! Write to knelson here with your guess, age and mailing address by Friday 12th of February and I will send all correct entries* an adorable sticker set! *Only available to Australian residents. **Your email address will be added to...