Mr Darcy's Diary

Mum has gone off to koala meetings all day and dropped me off to spend the day in the office with the girls. I have all my toys here, and in between sleeps Rose takes me downstairs in the back alley ... read more
It has been such a busy week. Over the weekend I learnt lots of lessons about not chasing chooks, but it is very hard not too. They run so fast, but gosh when they peck you, that isn't good. Then ... read more
Mum is at an important lunch today so I have come in to help out the girls at the office. I have been very busy patrolling to office making sure everything is in its right place. I am looking forward ... read more
I was exhausted when I got home last night, but very happy to be back in the office this morning. Everything seems familiar and I think I have home sorted out too. This morning at home I met these ... read more
Mum picked me up at Murgon in Queensland two days ago. I was born in the bush and I am now 8 weeks old - a perfect time to leave my birth mother. I have been very busy getting to know Dane, Polly and ... read more
I am not going into the office today, Mum says I have been too busy and need a rest. Last night I got put to bed early as usual because there were a lot of yukky things called “canetoads” running ... read more
I have mastered not chasing the chooks. Jayne, my friend at home, said I was "walking with chooks, not dancing with wolves". She is very proud of me about that. Then I went to Quinlans and had a baby ... read more