Wednesday 3rd November 2010

I have mastered not chasing the chooks. Jayne, my friend at home, said I was "walking with chooks, not dancing with wolves". She is very proud of me about that. Then I went to Quinlans and had a baby-sitter, Liane while Mum was talking to lots of people about our new place. I saw yellow-tailed black cockatoos, 5 of them. Gosh they are so noisy, but I listened very intently. One lady wants to have "deep listening at Quinlans", so everyone can hear all the birds. I think I am going to be good at that. Didn't see any snakes, but I wasn't allowed out on my own. I had to be on a lead, which was still fun and the verandah at Quinlans where everyone has lunch is a lovely place to snooze. I also went for a quick swim at the beach on Sunday. I didn't really like the waves, but did check out the billabong at Quinlans. There was another puppy in the water, but no matter how hard I tried, he just wouldn't come out and play. Perhaps next time. Talking to all the girls on the beach is fun, they all seem to adore me, which is nice. This morning, after mastering getting into that noisy lift and also walking across that busy street, some ladies called out "Mr. Darcy". Great they remembered me. The Police next door chat a lot too.

Everyone says I have grown but still very cute. Photos soon.