Wednesday 20th October 2010

Mum picked me up at Murgon in Queensland two days ago. I was born in the bush and I am now 8 weeks old - a perfect time to leave my birth mother. I have been very busy getting to know Dane, Polly and Tim (Tim doesn't like me). Dane absolutely loves me and keeps giving me teddies to play with. Dane is like a grandfather, and Tim and Polly are like big brothers and sisters. They say I am a golden retriever like them.

I have a big job ahead of me. I have already visited Quinlans and Mum says we will be up there a lot teaching people from all over the world about how we can all live in harmony together. There are snakes there, so I have to be careful, but the most important thing for me to learn and to teach is not to hurt wildlife. I am sure I can do it. In the meantime, life is pretty good. I am meeting the koala team and I like them all. I sit in the main office with Jane keeping a watchful eye, and occasionally I visit Mum's office. She is very busy.