Thursday 28th October 2010

It has been such a busy week. Over the weekend I learnt lots of lessons about not chasing chooks, but it is very hard not too. They run so fast, but gosh when they peck you, that isn't good. Then back to the office. I now know the right door at Gumtree House and this morning I ran up the stairs to meet the girls. They really missed me because I wasn't in yesterday. Mum said I had to stay home, to sleep and grow. Everyone thinks I am bigger. Dane, my grandfather taught me how to play this morning and I loved it. Tim and Polly, well I think they like me better, or at least have accepted I am here to stay (and I am). I love living with Mum and also coming to the office. Mum went to a public meeting the other night, something about cutting down trees, but I had to sit in the car and wait. I was very good. Saw a Tawny Frogmouth Owl and I am not allowed to chase them - not even once.