Thursday 26th November 2010

Mum went to Lone Pine yesterday with a film crew so I stayed home with my family. They were very happy to have me and this morning I sort of cried when I had to leave them, but when I got here Rose and Lorraine were so happy to see me that I forgot about home completely. Everyone says I am getting bigger and bigger and that because of my big feet that I am going to be a big dog - I am not sure how they know those things, but they say it with great authority. Michelle is coming to give me a bath tomorrow. I love Shell - that is her nickname. She has bathed my family for over 12 years. She loves us all.

Everyone here is very busy and it is getting hotter. It is nearly summer - it starts on December 1. I think that means I will lie in the kitchen a lot more when I haven't got things to do like carry things for Lorraine.