Thursday 18th November 2010

Back in the office today after two really busy days. Jon Michael (JM) and Belinda came with me and Mum into the bush. Before we went JM - that's his nickname, like mine is Darcy, filmed me at home. JM has a camera so he tooks lots of pictures of me. As you will see we met a snake at home, but I really didn't take much notice. I was more interested in the birds who kept yelling that there was one. Mum says this snake isn't dangerous, but there are dangerous snakes around. Hmmm... I will have to think about that. I like to think about things. Anyway, there is now video evidence that I don't chase chooks. See what a good boy I am! And those things that yell at me (diary entry Monday 15th) - there is a picture of them too.