Thursday 11th November 2010

Back from Quinlans which was very busy. Mum spoke with lots of people about doing up the shower block and also getting a whole stack of trees donated. This will be particularly good for me. At home, my grandpa Dane really missed me. I think he put lots of my teddies on my bed hoping I would come back late. Anyway when I got home it was great to play with him and I think Tim and Polly are starting to like me. I ran with them in the paddock this morning and they didn't yell at me once. At Quinlans, Mum and I sat with two huge green frogs that were sitting on the back step. I promise I didn't jump at them - they were really nice. On Monday, I had a whole day in the office without Mum. She was visiting Couran Cove, which is a beautiful resort, so all in all it has been a very busy week for Mum as well as me. I told all the girls today that there would be no "accidents", and at the time of writing, there hasn't been!